Love your site the love of spiders in Shanghai when the inevitable rule pets

, a webmaster to become website chief fan

perhaps for many Shanghai dragon friends, they do not necessarily recognized the words above, but I think love is Shanghai has recognized the important point, if a large number of spam flooding the Internet, with its own search platform, it will inevitably cause Internet users antipathy. So in 2013, when Shanghai and Scindapsus algorithm love spark plan introduced, many people think that before Shanghai Longfeng practice problems, a large number of Web site is down right, many people even complain incessantly Shanghai dragon, "Shanghai dragon read more

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Now the chain of Shanghai dragon is useful


does not do the chain, does not mean that the site is not outside the chain of

? A lot of the chain?

first, effect of the chain to Shanghai dragon did decline, but not as to fall to useless point. So far, the chain is one of the most important parts of the Shanghai dragon. If 10 years ago the chain accounted for sixty or seventy per cent of the Shanghai dragon, may now be dropped to thirty or forty per cent, is still the first second, far from out of date.

take home to do long tail keywords, probably do not need what the chain, or just a few. But it can not explain the chain of no use, only that the word is not difficult, not what competitors, naturally do not do the chain. Whether in love or Google search in Shanghai, some commercial value is high, the words, which website is not powerful enough to read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform service upgrades help the search for ecological empowerment

for site service

‘mobile user experience will be a priority among priorities, excessive page ads will be punished! "

Webmaster Platform has to accompany you through six years, in addition to traffic management platform, also love Shanghai as search and Internet communication bridge industry in a variety of ways; through online and offline, for the engineers and the webmaster love Shanghai face-to-face communication, let love Shanghai search to understand more stationmaster needs, also let more and more about the site love Shanghai search rules and search optimization new trend, make the search more open; read more

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On the August 22nd love Shanghai algorithm upgrade

interpretation: This is mainly for the pseudo original site, the use of acquisition and pseudo original tools, put all sorts of things together out of the contents of the user cannot read.

"08-22 love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality of the site, from the announcement of the title, we can see that the front is not important, especially the influence of "cheating site included" and "low quality site ranking". First, effects of "cheating site included, as long as the meaning of love Shanghai aware of your site is cheating, it will reduce the amount included in your site; second," low quality site sort ", if love is Shanghai judge your site for low quality sites, so the punishment right down right down, directly affect the site keyword ranking is directly decline (medical hospital website keywords now 90% rankings have flown to the outside 500.). As for how to determine the site is cheating on site or low quality website? All love Shanghai say, love is the judge and the king of Shanghai. Here we look at the contents of the announcement: read more

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ndividual owners of local B2C Mall Shanghai dragon combat rankings included namely

space domain equipped program is chosen, because our company is small or to save costs, the website is used open source PHP mall system is a mainstream, I personally feel that no matter what is built station website program is the best choice of the mainstream, this is what the problem can be found to love Shanghai. Then the template is more important, the way to meet the requirements of the boss, and to consider the impact on Shanghai dragon, so the template is best to use their own design or find free and large-scale changes, make the structure of the website is the one and only, this is conducive to Shanghai dragon. When I refer to the template making love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guide, this is the most basic tutorial. read more

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The new line rapid ranking techniques

wanted to do Internet companies, for the establishment of the enterprise, and later saw a lot of money, said the template site, Shanghai Longfeng mall system development, make money and so on, because I have such advantages, the template site I did not consider, because it is opposite the Shanghai dragon and earn money, so I chose the development of shopping mall system, make money Shanghai Longfeng mall system development, not a word ah, the development of a person at least a month, more than half ah, but fortunately I in recent years has been to develop their own mall ideas, often update procedures and functions of me, because my program is JSP JAVA program language. This online source is less and less, I knew about SHOPEX, PHP, ECSHOP what, the development of a person is really a bit difficult, but there are many problems I have all the solutions, shopping cart, AJAX, The cache, the pseudo static functions are well, the mall after the successful development, is the promotion, let others use ah, when there are few people, because the template development is not very beautiful, fully meet the function. read more

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How to deal with the arrival of the Google Panda 3 4 update algorithm

What is the semantic search of

Google update algorithm according to the search is looking for information to provide high quality information has more relevance, so if you want to sell your products through the site, the best you can provide a more detailed product information or website to your visitors information. Can not just focus on the content we want to sell products, but also pay attention to and the search for the information you want.

guide your visitors to browse the information you provide is a response to the search engine algorithm change means. Through a FAQ page is similar to a specific answer. At the same time also for Google’s semantic search more friendly, can obtain higher weights. read more

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Write articles Party B Shanghai Longfeng proposal template

1, we first understand what is the Shanghai dragon

then I will move out of one of the highlights of the page, is the Shanghai dragon like hamburger production optimization. The metaphor I began in 2010 in use, every time to listen to customers, customers will be attracted to the graphics and metaphor, which is objective (ha ha). You need to change the PPT content fluctuation to control your audience, let them imagine changes, do not carry the class. This page in the introduction, I would say so. If you have not understood what is the Shanghai dragon, I put the Shanghai dragon optimization compared to Hamburg production. We know that making a hamburger need a variety of ingredients, the first is the two large piece of bread as the main, it is like we like Shanghai dragon in the website " read more

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Entering the Shanghai dragon industry

in Shanghai 2008 summit, Robin Li when answering a reporter’s question, he said, it seems to me that such a sentence, "after several years of each of the company’s marketing department should have a Shanghai Longfeng department or SEM department, it is to promote their products, must through such channels but such a channel must be the most effective"


with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, these people can manipulate rankings of the black hat Shanghai dragon, has slowly come to an end. read more

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Fish analysis of love you cinema is how fast the lifting weight

first we open the site, found its home page structure and clear, and pop ads home without any impact on the user experience and display advertising. The above data shows what? Oh, very simple, a website to get the favour of search engine you must first have a good user experience, after all, a web site for people to see, and the search engine will certainly put more in line with the user experience standard website ranked higher some. At present many film and TV site friends in order to short-term benefits, with great influence of pop ads hanging on the website home page and the content page to the normal user access, this website imagine, it will be back? Even repeat not, not to mention what a good ranking! read more

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Clever change a new approach for web site design to help Shanghai Dragon


and URL set the directory structureFor


set up a website navigation structure

website design?

said earlier is from the website to help Shanghai Longfeng, so we try to make search engines, fewer pictures. If the site in order to art appreciation of the need to add the right amount of time pictures and Flash, you can add a website containing keywords description text to the picture, or to the Flash embedded HTML files. In addition, to be in favor of Shanghai Longfeng convenience, "using CSS style, beautiful and uniform, Java moved to the bottom of the page, can be an external.Js file. read more

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Different types of Web site optimization strategy

enterprise station is our one of the most common optimization station. Keywords it mainly relies on its products. So, how to improve the relationship between product pages and keywords is very important. I hand often received some optimization of the list, are some of the product page is just a picture of this website, I will reject the general. Not to say that you cannot do, if the product page is a picture with words, the website will improve relevant keywords and website through the news page, the article can write out. Optimization method of general enterprise stand is that input your keywords to do find row in Shanghai love home business website, then collect all the chain enterprise website, and then all go, go to see their website title. Sure about 100 titles, so the latter can be used to write news. Of course, many websites are ranked according to the above method or not, it may be because a large part of the website "congenitally deficient" caused by the author, suggestions refer to the last article "who let the webmaster to stop the" congenitally deficient "". read more

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Check six user behavior keywords ranking

Effect of The viscosity of

and pop up rate of

two hits and repeat the search

Popup rate and

website is one of the target words are of great concern to us, have good rankings usually means good traffic, but the impact of the web site keywords ranking does not only have relation to our website and external links and internal links, there are still other very important factors in the influence of the rankings, such as user behavior. In the gradual development of the search engine, it is to determine the site relevance or factors have very big improvement, so we have to be pay attention to user behavior. Today I and we summarize some views of my own, that is the impact of the seven user behavior keywords ranking. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng station optimization five operating points

many owners found themselves in the search engine ranking is not good, will think about how to optimize and improve their ranking, but when they learned of Shanghai dragon, there will be an overwhelming feeling, following me to site optimization should pay attention to five key operation, do the following. Then the website ranking ascension is the point the day and await for it.

four, update section not less: I believe that everyone has seen some of the latest articles, the main site issues, this kind of forum. This section is updated frequently, changes in internal links, after doing a good job, spiders see fresh information by updating the forum, access to new content in the inner chain entrained in the spider, and will enter into the internal site crawling, increase crawling time, strengthen the weight increase, if there is no such section, the spider will think this the page does not update, will cause the weight lifting barriers. The home is not part of this section of the station, then go to add it. read more

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Share love love Shanghai on line beta official said Shanghai will affect the website weight

love Shanghai sharing website: 贵族宝贝share.baidu贵族宝贝



share button through love Shanghai, your visitors can easily share your content on the site to each big SNS, micro-blog site spread, bringing more traffic to your website.

registration invitation code love Shanghai share;

4, the use of

2, Shanghai dragon effectively means:

!The members of alliance share?

alliance will send an invitation code to your reserved mailbox within one working day;

2, complete the exchange (a member of the limit against an invitation code); read more

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The enterprise website layout of some experience of feeling

second, the website is must pay attention to the structure of the visual marketing planning elements. A enterprise site, how to get rid of the template site, reflects the brand characteristics and differences between sites, visual design is the designer must think, whether do the kind of style home, vision is always the emphasis, in fact it is popular website art, professional web art directly affects the user experience, can attract artists users largely click and stop, web design can attract the attention of customers, the customer was willing to stay to watch the website, the search engine will be based on the length of time the customer retention of the page, to determine the user experience of the website. This is reflected in the Taobao marketing process is most incisive especially Taobao, the main figure, these design details page in improving the conversion rate plays a very important role, as a designer of visual marketing is must pay attention to the. read more

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Pomegranate algorithm introduced the impact on the site optimization of what

The influence of The influence of

website by the corresponding punishment, website optimization managers need to take preventive measures in advance, take some favorable measures. The search engine algorithm for gradual adjustment, is nothing more than to get better user traffic. The search engine is just a set of algorithms need to support other users of the site content. Thus, the user can only be retrieved by the search engine to get traffic. Then, the need to site quality specification what has been submitted. read more

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Site outside the chain you really know how much accumulated

Besides the

Hello everyone I am Zhang Ke, very honored that you can see my article, want to talk about problems in the construction of the chain chain mentioned today, many people believe that it is not posted a contemptuous disregard… But you have not found this year from the beginning of the year, there are many sites outside the chain is increasing, and the chain number is the number of sites is not moving, or again fall down, this is not worth pondering.

channel >

said most of the chain is the preferred channel of the forum, or personal signature this channel is the most widely used, B2B, classified information website information, blog, soft, Links, cross link, channel links to purchase these aspects. While the number of Er that can be carried out in Shanghai dragon chain accumulation is forum signature, this blog soft, the chain plate can be accumulated, I would like to analyze these chain channels which can be accumulated, which can timely give up. read more

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Through the chain to improve we have a website weight

C: by creating knowledge chain.

chain is a site of blood, he put every section of each page, the system in series with the spider to pave the way, let the spider at any time to the website included fresh content. Only the chain to join the site to form a giant invisible network, it has become a complete website. So when we are on the right track of the site should be a way to increase the chain, of course we have said is the quality guarantee chain. Definitely not the black chain, chain of garbage. read more

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The new station is not included within the pages of the reasons and Solutions

second, website page anchor text is single and the number of

fourth, the chain is too simple, and the quality is not high

website content are mostly reproduced or pseudo original, then this site "quality in the search engine there impressed the lowest discount. Not included in your page is a normal thing. The search engine spiders, especially love Shanghai, hate is the most repetitive content. You might say, the day so busy, no time to update, so many articles. Article 1-3 every day, I think it is not difficult to? If your original article is false, we must pay attention to the quality of. No readability. Don’t order the pseudo original and pseudo original, while ignoring the user experience. Also note here is that if you don’t update every day, at least you should do regular updates. A few days or a Monday update, update. Here to learn the lessons of Dalian Shanghai dragon, not two days fishing, three days". read more

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Optimization analysis search help included static page number

(pseudo) static page is easy to be collected (below

clearly, this page is dynamic, data directly from the database search results page template to fill, and this page theory search engine is not caught in the. The reason is very simple, not a spider web search. So, to the spider included this page, we must do the entrance open even more short or pseudo static pages. Ctrip had this page: 贵族宝贝flights.ctrip贵族宝贝/booking/BJS-NGB-day-1.html

do this purpose is very clear, if only to provide station frame search is difficult to expand the site of the amount collected. We can enhance the spiders crawl opportunities through pseudo static pages making the same content, but also can provide the user with a result on the site entrance. Although the booking system parameters, arrangement and combination are also many, but we also can pass parameters to control the changes in URL content adjustment. As an example, http:> read more

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nsect friends how to use software bugs crawl resources

is now a web site is easy, post promotion is very difficult, may the webmaster have this feeling, but as for the latter part of the promotion is the chain + substance, the substance will not say, Chong Shanghai dragon is to emphasize how to use software bugs crawl functions, to get more of the mass of the chain resources, now the chain of place is not a lot, but it is the end of several types, BBS, Zhidao, B2B, classified information, favorites, etc.. How to grab the bottom with insect resources? See read more

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Meagan enterprise website optimization keywords how to select the high conversion rate

Since each enterprise

third, combined with the long-term operation of the enterprise customer resources


general refers to a product / industry with more users, can accurately reflect the characteristics of the product term. For general keywords, using these words to build brand is feasible, for enterprises to establish the network brand image is helpful. Keywords general product / industry number, relative these words are more intense competition in the heat, if is to Shanghai dragon means in the short term to enhance the competitive industry general keywords have a certain degree of difficulty. This time as enterprises should not be targeted at general keywords above, can avoid direct competition advantage / service to highlight their products, to put emphasis on long tail keywords. The strength of the website can get ranked by paying to buy keywords, at the same time with the Shanghai dragon work. read more

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Mobile phone game site Shanghai dragon optimization long tail word article

long tail word thesaurusFigure 1: the long tail word

as shown in Figure 1, first establish a long tail word thesaurus table, because of the long tail word too much, so to consider the actual situation under their own. Choose the difficulty and high conversion rate of the long tail word, this comparison is difficult. The long tail word search volume index is too small for the love of Shanghai is very small, but basically not what competitors, as long as some pages included can row on the first page. The long tail word competition slightly larger can layout in the directory page, which we will talk to here, so many long tail word how to select the appropriate, for the mobile phone download website, many popular mobile phone games download rate is relatively high. And most intelligent system for mobile phone is Android, so Android mobile phone game "this keyword is very competitive, and the use of iPhone mobile phone rate is very high. Considering these two factors, we can retain more around the long tail words of the two words. For example: in the title of the page can be written in a kart mobile phone iphone game download read more

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Methods and skills of page content and details of the optimization

attribute in the picture will be added to search engine if channel.

of synonyms and Related words


in Shanghai Longfeng tools, often find that they suggest keyword density is 2%-8%, in fact, this is not absolute, as long as the keywords not too close so that the influence of the user experience can be. User experience is the first

, a

multimedia content attributeKeywords Alt The following

we all know, love Shanghai Baike keyword optimization done especially well, next to the words "home appliances" to explain. "Civilian appliances," as the word deformation of household appliances, "air conditioning, fan, fan, cold air heater" and other related words, words and words related to cross deformation increases the weight of the website. read more

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Seven site optimization should pay attention to matters make your site rankings better

love with Shanghai search engine update algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er is also increasing pressure, not only the keywords ranking and website promotion more difficult, a little careless, love Shanghai in violation of rules, the touch of love Shanghai "bottom line", light to cause site traffic, the number of keywords data drop heavy the site right down, you know, use the cheating methods to improve website ranking of Baidu is intolerable.

and I also know that Li Xingping’s previous sites are basically using simple HTML code construction, in order to do so, is more conducive to be included in search engines, crawl, it is just to meet the Shanghai dragon optimization method is consistent with that of the net station traffic flow is his most love after Shanghai search engine the attention to the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, also need to advance acumen and judgment, well versed in love Shanghai search engine "love", "preference", in order to make the bigger flow based on user experience. On the other hand, for example, once the rain Shanghai dragon become fashionable for a time, then do Shanghai dragon training related forum, because they do not take the unusual way, love Shanghai in violation of the rules of search engine, even if the word "Shanghai dragon" to love and love Shanghai Shanghai home, "on the same stage, the opponent is rendered speechless at the same time, finally is not caused by artificial K, alas. I soon in Shanghai dragon industry, mainly engaged in network marketing, then heard 6.28 love in the Shanghai earthquake, Shanghai dragon rain station was K really brought him no small loss, but according to the experts revealed that he was the 90% sites are not affected, some of the large estimates now on the market is in the name of his can not say. This is his Shanghai dragon a local optimization, the secret is very good, has been muffled fortune. read more

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Talk about network marketing mode from Shanghai love index

many webmaster friends still remember several great unrest last year love Shanghai search engine, every day there.


when it comes to love Shanghai index, believe that the webmaster friends will not be unfamiliar, love Shanghai index is used to reflect the degree of concern for users of various keywords, in order for the webmaster do stand in the process of reference. For the webmaster friends believe that each of us love Shanghai index help is very large, development is also very helpful in network marketing. The Shanghai index about love this thing, we have done some in-depth discussion, today we love Shanghai further explain this topic index. read more

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The five reference index of Shanghai Longfeng service quotation and five grade

I found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er want their orders, but do not know how to offer, because the Shanghai dragon industry itself is not a rigid standard price is based on the single keyword difficulty to offer, so I combined with my years of experience, to prepare engaged in this business for reference to a friend (to love Shanghai, for example), I hope to help everyone down.

this is not difficult to understand statistics in a keyword search, you love Shanghai to optimize the number of top-level domain name can be the first 20 pages, 20 pages later there is no need to calculate, the top-level domain name is five grades: A (10), B (10, 30, 30 (C) – 60), D (60 – 100), E (more than 100). read more

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Talk about the construction of the chain the value chain need to spend big price

second video chain construction, the way of doing in many movie sites, these movie websites will own compressed video on the Internet to download the video link with the website address, and the content of the video sequence in the scene which is often time also appeared in the movie website address this gave the movie website, brought publicity. In fact, now many video sites often receive free upload video, Youku video, such as Sohu, you can find some funny or interesting video uploaded to the site, and bring your own website address in the video of the property, then the chain is very valuable, but the chain is basically don’t need to spend money on what. read more

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Search Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai Shanghai tips to do


ER blasted Shanghai dragon heart that love Shanghai you are kindly prompt or in the promotion of their own optimization guide.

Shanghai dragon is a very important job. If you only know this sentence, you may think of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng began to attach great importance to this industry, another point of love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon has been approved by the industry. But let’s look back the sentence, believe that if you change an angle to think it is not difficult to realize that love Shanghai for the Shanghai dragon Links final water on it. I believe that love Shanghai to give this kind of hint, the biggest reason is actually the core technology to control the Shanghai dragon, through a series of rules and regulations to punish the use of black hat is told Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, your Shanghai dragon is black or white, I say. Let’s take a look at Shanghai, suggested there was a sentence: in order to help the site better for Shanghai white dragon, we released the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", according to the recommended guidelines to optimize the website, you can get better results. If you’re in a Shanghai Longfeng spectator perspective to analyze this sentence, the answer is very clear, that is the webmaster, you do Shanghai Longfeng, should be carried out according to optimization guide me, this is the way to improve the ranking. If you don’t follow the optimization guide to do Shanghai dragon, you challenge my bottom line, the site is K off, don’t. read more

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3 key points for promotion

keyword selection is the focus of the bidding, and the choice of key words the most important principle is to be precise, said here is not only accurate, like Shanghai Longfeng choose keywords, as long as the selected keywords and website related, then there can be a certain amount of search keywords, and bidding is the key to conversion. At least need to meet the following two conditions: the search for the words people have clear consumer demand and ability; the search for the words of people easily transformed into our users. read more

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How green 2 medical text response algorithm


optimization weeping drops towel luo.

original article first A5 reproduced indicate the source signature art design 贵族宝贝qiaomingtang贵族宝贝/

from Shanghai to release the bad love soft release station, these bad record have all been cleared, but could not do so extreme love Shanghai so we have loopholes can be drilled, usually to observe, to search, to find the sea is not love right down and K off the news source site included.

love Shanghai, clearly pointed out that the soft return station also will be punished, as we have previously issued news source soft, often with our website, or anchor text, now this way seems to work, so we can only use your head, don’t Add URL, as the medical industry can directly add business the code, floating business. There is love in Shanghai examples, the phone can not appear. We can put the computer into the picture. read more

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According to the news about the recent worrying prospect of Shanghai dragon er

see this article, I think that will not involve website, network sale problem, because some time ago CCTV exposure a love Shanghai promotion problems, probably said, surnamed Yao women fell in love with the maritime search and buy tickets, click to enter a love Shanghai promotion website ranked first, special offer the ticket network, payment is successful, but there is no order, when to call to consult, telephone hotlines, Ms. Yao felt cheated, but after reporters confirmed that the site does exist to deceive the user’s behavior. This news in the first 2 months of 3, also caused some turbulence, so that the majority of people of Shanghai love the challenge, liar can love Shanghai, who also believe that the promotion of love in Shanghai. After some investigation by the reporter, found that many sites are false and fraudulent website. read more

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How do the Shanghai Dragon Grant primary webmaster for their words

for people, what is the Shanghai dragon, how well the Shanghai dragon is a real problem, I believe everyone encountered problems and so on. The first piece of advice here we want to say is, if you don’t understand Shanghai Dragon don’t learn a little optimization point, finally often will not drop your right to the whole website is K. This is not alarmist, the Internet is indeed a lot of excellent teaching materials, but not all things are suitable for all stations to optimize, and even some things more with search engine rules draw further apart. If you don’t know how to do well the optimization of Shanghai dragon? For a webmaster, a green hand, binary always think, see Shanghai Dragon technology every day, consolidate their knowledge, update the content, and then stick to update the chain. What I really think its level in theory has been basically perfect, then for the next optimization. read more

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Alumni of Ali an entrepreneurial cow out of the AlibabaYiqifa DHC CPS activity was on the line

everyone! Yiqifa union strongly recommended to you the latest activities: DHC-CPS. Before the DHC-CPA cooperation has received strong support from all the webmaster, Yiqifa alliance thanks to you! Thanks to everyone’s support, Yiqifa alliance with DHC company and deepen cooperation of CPS activities, DHC believe that by virtue of a strong brand, will let you earn a generous commission.

can receive DHC2008 "*1

DHC nourishing toner, try 10 packs of

two, converted to investors Ali former executives read more

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The new station included fast combat skills

The total number of

here is a part of the article included:

said this year’s optimization than ever to pay more attention to the content, high quality article is not easy to write, but let love Shanghai included the high quality or not, in order to confirm this topic, I pro test a new station, with nearly a month around the time of the 30 article to do the detailed statistics analysis.

this year will soon be finished, for some Shanghai dragon staff, whether beginners or has been in this industry climb roll N years will focus on God, some of the latest dynamic optimization, the dynamic is not only some search engines also issued a white paper, including some of their own is to devote themselves to the study of optimization techniques and details. read more

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The website of Shanghai Longfeng user demand analysis optimization strategy

first, first to target users. As many people are worried about the optimization of the user needs are diversified, so if the wide to meet the public demand, often let the site become neither fish nor fowl for individual webmaster, moreover, is also difficult to have such a huge effort to meet. To solve this problem, we are in the beginning of construction site requires good location target users, such as you engage in industry website, you only need to serve the industry user needs, so it can effectively reduce the complexity of user needs, we can also put some of vectors in the optimization, so it can allow users to get on the site in their own need. read more

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Tips keyword stuffing not as simple as you think

then whether keyword stuffing is such a simple answer? Of course not, if it is so simple, so today I will not write what good

!We choose the The contents of the !


if we just stack keywords, but the website’s content with such words without a little bit, so even if the love of Shanghai in the early good, ranking rose to the home page, but no content support, whether it is to love Shanghai, or to the user, like a no play >

we all know that Shanghai is one of the important means of the dragon which keyword stuffing on the web, it would like to contact Shanghai Longfeng people should have this kind of subconscious, but keyword stuffing often is not so easy as you think! I don’t know oh is not many webmaster have I have to stack keywords, but often effect it is not so obvious this time? I think a lot of the time this webmaster feel the effect is not very good, why is this? Do keyword stuffing is not really what effect of read more

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The secret the search engine spider crawls from where


I understand is that, those recognized by search engines, authoritative, users love the site, you like love Shanghai news source site, since can become news source of love Shanghai, then it is surely love Shanghai recognition and trust, the site search engine spiders will be extremely frequent to crawl and grab, at least 5 minutes at a time.

our first universal following what is a search engine spider (spider), the search engine spiders (also known as the "spider web robot, etc.), is a kind of information according to certain rules, the automatic crawl web program or script. read more

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The motives of the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng not for others to do the wedding dress conte

electric circle the word was unknown, but few people know that there is this site, but also the commercial website. This >

today, a little regret! But after reading it, ready to hold the business circle the so-called Shanghai dragon competition spray a few words, also hope that those who are sharpened to play head of friends do not be fooled by the so-called bonus, you should not use this value to reflect the motives of the activities. Shanghai dragon industry personal may not be the first, as far as I know, at present in all held Shanghai Longfeng contest a total of five times: read more

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Optimizing the site navigation easy to help Shanghai Longfeng optimization

site navigation planning is the first step of site planning, is also a very important step. Site navigation is a book catalog, is the core content of the site, the first concern is the website users to enter the site when the content of. At the same time, site navigation above if included in the key words, the weights of the keywords also after the website title, description and keywords. Senior Engineer Bian Shuncang in Shanghai dragon to remind you: site navigation text not too much is clear, eye-catching, emergent focus. read more

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SARFT enlarged not only micro blog A station guns to do video content entrepreneurship investment

, this means that a large number of video sites, live platforms are facing a crisis of closure. And to apply for <

despite the many rounds of consolidation of the information network audio-visual programme permit, the crackdown has been unprecedented and has aroused widespread concern. News came out, Sina micro-blog shares fell sharply, the lowest decline of more than 10%. Sina micro-blog revenue and profits in the past year have increased significantly, its short video business is one of the main heroes, if shut down, will undoubtedly have a significant impact on performance. read more

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Optimization of orders need to be cautious about several key words

seasonal commercial value is heavily dependent on the season. Obviously the season and the season of some products or services every year. For example, the summer sandals sold well, No one shows any interest in winter. Air conditioning maintenance, refrigerator repair such searches in the summer peak of users. Some small businesses and individuals the opportunity to put out the website of Shanghai dragon outsourcing. If this time you pick up a single, rather than one or two months ahead or longer, you have to know my own strength. To come out fighting in the Red Sea, in a month can put the customer’s keywords do the home page. If you do not, not to let the customer see effect in the peak period, the customer did not earn the money, do you think he will be the final payment to you? Don’t mention you have what, clear evidence of a gentleman’s agreement contract. read more

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Johnsen long tail keyword strategy of advantages

long tail keywords strategy from Shanghai dragon for the advantages of long tail keywords strategy can bring to the site in addition to the main keywords to take accurate customer traffic sources, not only make the site more comprehensive and more abundant resources, also can reflect all the details in your site from the cover area, the promotion, to let Shanghai dragon theme Center website to the long tail keywords thought well, do fine, do the ranking, in the rural areas surrounding the city’s combat idea is applied to the website promotion, I think is interlinked. read more

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Talking about the experience of link transactionChinaCache founder Wang Song Mobile nternet busines

I contact link transactions is very short, and I’m not a professional station building households, there are few stations on hand. In two months, my advertising revenues add up to less than 100 yuan, but the average daily block money a week to buy a pack of bad smoke. So go on, not to say whether you can make money, even the site itself has lost the meaning of the site. After careful consideration, I finally decided to sell the link.

are: 1. The PR value. 2, the number of included and site first is the home page. 3, snapshot update frequency. 4, the current number of links, as well as whether there is a private link. 5, home links and total station links. 6. Other exceptions. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng difficult why are there so many people in the pursuit of truth where

The development of the

is always a lot of people go to evade responsibility, along with the development and popularization of the network, Shanghai dragon industry and technology will usher in a revolution in this stage, a selection of the old means of operation not only can not be applied to the maturity of the search for self crowd, is also a kind of information push delay. So the industry in innovation, practitioners must learn to keep pace with the times, Shanghai dragon is not promising, but we are also not aware of the difficulties is the opportunity of the truth, which is why there are people at the Shanghai dragon is useless, but there are always people in the reason. So the development of Shanghai dragon and the future know what read more

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Shanghai Longfeng personnel should be the first to understand products and customers

of course none of us can control the conversion, who has this ability we have out of work, done directly for the boss. But if a company can take these factors in their own hands, these factors can control many strong. I have a point of view, what is the marketing website, I see a lot of people do not understand this concept, before transactions on the website of the website is the function of website marketing. In fact, I understand the marketing website is such that a user is looking at your website is impressed with the impulse to buy. This is the integration of your company’s advantage, product advantage, advantage relative to your competitors, what certificate of honor, customer case, media reports and so on these comprehensive advantages of good shows on your website. The so-called Internet companies can do things just take your art. These factors are good landscaping layout. read more

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Shanghai dragon tutorial five items of writing robots files

2. website security protection


website optimization Shanghai dragon friends all know the site map, but there will always be some friends do not know how to submit, just think a link on the page, will come to an end. In fact, robots is.

extended reading: "Huizhou Shanghai dragon station blog K mystery" (Ye Jianhui also served in the blog at the beginning of the line because of similar problems by K, specifically to see the

many websites content browsing version, although users in large extent, improve the user experience, the spider has caused some difficulties, because the spider is difficult to identify the primary and secondary, once let it think you are malicious repeat, then the light is right down, heavy K station depilates. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization ranking tutorial

Keywords The Shanghai dragon Keywords

. The station optimization

keyword density is a spider love to eat insects, compare the value of search engine, but also have a degree, or should not overdo sth. is excessive optimization, the consequences will be grievous! Keyword density is between 2%-8% better.

optimization ranking is a university asked from the station optimization, URL optimization, web content optimization, Links, outside the station optimization perspective about ZhengZhan optimization ranking. This tutorial is short, the overall is still valuable. read more

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Shanghai dragon UEO future who is more important


webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, under normal circumstances is the search engine as the key, the user experience may be placed in a secondary position, the result is the webmaster feel very friendly to all aspects of web search engine, but did not get good rankings or search algorithm update, your own website it will be affected, the reason is in the search engine’s eyes, it is the goal of the user, the website user experience is not good, it will think of users of these sites is of little value or no value. read more

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Website construction and website optimization in three steps starting station

analysis about the authorStep

to tell the truth, although the number of online information but most everyone has an uneven, insightful person, may in his trial in your body is just the opposite, don’t always put people’s thoughts into their body to imitate. Even with A5, home owners of these sites, the audit information is still there may be some bias, then it is impossible to edit. Hundreds of articles are read and review, just to see a whole structure. The content is good or bad, nor can do qualitative. For the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng aspects can be said to have reached a point of flooding, both sides just said, what is the suit itself? If you really do not like and optimize the lack of financial support, please listen to the following: read more

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The title of the content of marketing demand is far more valuable than attract Click

you know love Shanghai this statement is click click principle, can improve the keywords ranking, so many people make a fuss in the title. Whether it is a web page title or content page long tail keywords title is the same, so in this background, it is easy to become the title of the party, the user looks at you this title is very interesting. So high expectations to click on your title into your website, did not expect the content in a complete mess left disappointed, user. This way is not only a waste of consumers, to deceive the user, make their own website and also did not get really good results, because the bounce rate is too high and the short residence time of website quality is bad. read more

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To predict the future of Shanghai dragon is a part of you and

here is the most should be said that Taobao is the guest website, as everyone knows, Taobao currently has a guest website to the trend of the spread of various industries, various places are everywhere Taobao customer site. These sites, most of the content of single function, poor quality, and even the template is everywhere the same, making very rough. There is no user experience and brand, which is why we always love Shanghai again for the Taobao algorithm update off site. Personal opinion is that if the future want to do Taobao off site, also want to have sales orders, have to do with the two visit, good reputation, high quality brand site content. Otherwise, with the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, we will have more sites disappear in the search results. read more

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The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing three

2: since the user browsing the air conditioning, so even if it does not buy air conditioning, but he at this time for air conditioning related products than the absolute interest interest in clothes, clothing recommended conversion rate is significantly lower.

Of course, the other

for online shopping users, most users are confused, boring to hang out, he is not necessarily in the air conditioning browsing he will need this stuff, not to mention to buy, so it is very important to recommend other products. read more

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The site was attacked by the black how to do

2.: the way to minimize the source and damage assessment


server log file is black, to view the time (remember, hackers can change log), search for suspicious activity, such as command failed login attempts, (especially a root user command) history or unknown user account.

A web site a few days before the The

had been black experience, there will be anti consciousness, develop cycle detection server logs, server operation and other basic maintenance of website security operation, to a certain extent can discover and deal with the Trojans, reflect a website operation level. read more

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