The seven hot issue in Shanghai Longfeng perspective in the process of moving the site

site replacement space is every webmaster can experience things, so that this is a compulsory course for Dongfeng Dream Center, here being called "website move" or "break". The site move mostly because of quality problems or host space space business service owners take corresponding measures for the use of virtual space for friends, this situation is normal and rare. Recently my 365 store network also moved several times to nest, usually moving in space also experienced a lot, so the dream Dongfeng has its own experience and unique understanding of the topic, many owners have asked me to move over the site to pay attention to what or what skills, this paper features and share with you today for you on the virtual host is moving mass webmaster, and it is analyzed from the angle of Shanghai dragon, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I will experience some hot issues and techniques for website move into seven aspects to explain one by one: read more

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The reason of love does not collect your site in Shanghai


4, the host link



enrichment content includes two aspects, one is the template is the repeat repeat, two. The popularity of acquisition software let website is too simple, locomotive, NICEWORD, polymerization, CMS acquisition and website let many webmaster to create tens of thousands of night ", plus the acquisition rules is not flexible, pseudo original in a complete mess, too much of the content on the Internet. People are tired of watching, love is not a spider with Shanghai? We adopt to adopt to are the same thing, you may suddenly be loved in Shanghai collected hundreds of thousands, but love Shanghai with re screening, if all the same things, love Shanghai see you off to. read more

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Click on the website snapshot shows the original Shanghai love perhaps 404 error page how to do

problems encountered this answer I am speechless, that this business a type of new search website click love Shanghai snapshots in display of the original ", or" 404 error page, how to do it, but fortunately met a Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao, suggestions are given and then add their own analysis. To solve this problem. Many webmaster check when the site included, every day how much of the amount collected, up or down is not included in this, and I check my new collection time, included 30+ suddenly increased to 50+, I think it is love before the sea more than the content of new audit for release. When a wave is normally included, when I check this increase more than 20 what is included in the page, but found that many of them are 404, then I will check the love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot that click on the snapshot is 404 pages, I have a bit mask, then try the other page, click a normal but when click on the display, love Shanghai snapshots of the display of the original page, see comparison chart under the two under the. read more

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From the canonical tag to decrypt the real user experience

              < a href= "贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/" rel= "canonical" target=_blank> < /a>

canonical tag definition

? Canonical is mainly used to label SE recognition of our website which a web page in which one of the following keywords is the most authoritative! First look at the method of use:


"ranked firstWhat is the preferred ranking of " A5 Forum; in <The above

we all know, a web page with many different URL can be opened, this is not conducive to weight concentration. How to make SE feel which is the standard "? We can pass the canonical to make Shanghai dragon recognition. Let us look at the action of A5 (below) read more

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New online 10 days home page ranking experience sharing

content correlation, some sites to see a situation, website content theme is like furniture, but the site must engage in the IT industry, and it has nothing to do with the theme. The content of the original, the new line within a month to original content, it is also a very good help for the establishment of the website weights, is also helpful for the website included.


a new 10 day home page ranking experience to share with everyone, this is my real case. I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work for more than five years, when started, for Shanghai dragon does not understand. After more than five years of exploration, I have to come out of Shanghai dragon optimization and not hard events, especially newcomers think Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious work. But I don’t think, only to do, try to do, Shanghai dragon page ranking is not difficult. read more

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How to adjust to the large scale analysis of web page love Shanghai

first, I found a problem, they are basically not like me so many keywords in BOLD effect, very naturally, in the face of this problem I remove ZhengZhan BOLD effect, in fact I feel out is not too sensible, although we are not, I can try to leave, tell the search this is my key engine keywords, but think about it or remove, see the effect, no change again, I suggest you try to put on a few.

snapshot in love Shanghai point

to compare the layout and density of the key, the effect is very obvious, in fact, do I still feel the most optimal feeling, can not say that the keyword density must be more than 3%, use the software to test, there was no need to see, as natural, almost on the line. Then, why do I still keep the anchor point, the first is certainly analysis of other website results, because the anchor text > read more

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A5 marketing enterprise webmaster how to use the title tag and good user experience

first, enterprise website to accurate description of the web page, do not stack keywords. There may be corporate owners will be asked, how should I write to describe more accuracy and does not stack keywords, is actually very simple, generally good writing skills you can write, I have a method, products and business together in a paragraph, can choose in the enterprise are introduced at the same time the introduction of products, and when adding keywords to natural rub in, the frequency of not more than two, allowing users to search when the first eye can see the enterprise website is mainly to do what. read more

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10 steps to successful completion of Shanghai Longfeng migration strategy

if you don’t tell the search engine related content transfer to specify what position, then the search engine will not be able to link to the new URL, instead of the original one.


built a table (usually in the form of Excel spreadsheets) can also show the old and new URL URL. Note that this is your migration scale decision (what do you want to change the number of URL), a 1 chart 1 to adapt to the URL number will not stop to change the situation. In that case, you need to take on the form, or you can according to their current rankings, flow, income and links to priority row > read more

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A letter to the Shanghai dragon for beginners

After the

Shanghai dragon rise strategy


Shanghai Longfeng Beginners:


is the same with the key

chain is king, reflects the importance of the chain, the chain is the need for the implementation of the powerful, you need to do good. We all know the chain is more and more difficult to fall in love with the sea, because if not so to do, you never know, can put your site for love Shanghai collections, so leave Shanghai love collecting link will bring the high quality of the chain for your website. read more

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Analysis of Web site keywords ranking Shanghai volatility of love

2, the chain is not stable and the quality of the chain is not high on the impact effect of keywords ranking. I started in the chain, the forum signature, recently found that some forum closed my account, or prohibit the signature, lead to the chain in a sudden increase of anticlimax state, personally think that this should be accounted for the main reason.

thank you!

query love Shanghai included site:www.***贵族宝贝, that has been included in the chain also increased, sustained and stable growth, as shown in figure read more

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Discussion on the relationship between website optimization and user experience with the Shanghai Dr

in China, SE0 technology is still in the primary stage of development, many people believe that "site optimization is Shanghai dragon", and even some Shanghai Longfeng optimization company also only emphasizes how to understand love Shanghai and noble baby algorithm, how to improve the rankings. Do Shanghai dragon on the line, while ignoring the user experience of the website. Therefore, we need to understand the essential difference between the dragon and Shanghai website optimization. read more

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Double round link is introduced as well as the blog feasibility analysis

first, the key point in my personal summary of the two wheel chain as follows:

I think above this structure might have 3 advantages:


structure is A-> B-> Lian Lun;; C-> D-> E-> F-> G-> A, but we should not be asked, the most basic method is to transfer the weight chain wheel through one-way links, so why can’t we put the link to the blog A blog C. Because it is a one-way link. The new round of chain structure which arise out of the following

1, two cycle links are one-way links, and every blog has 2 blogs for the link, if according to the weight of each blog are the same, that is not to say that every blog. read more

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Baby will noble quality web user feedback algorithm in Globalization

today, we face Google all English language users worldwide to launch the improved results, at the same time, we also included a new user feedback information, to help people to find better search results. In some high reliability situation, we have started into about our algorithm in the website and user data embedding. In addition, this changes the depth extension to the low quality site of the "long tail", in order to get higher quality search results; before this, the algorithm may not be able to make an assessment. Compared with the original change, the impact of these new information in the scope of smaller than and first changes caused nearly 12% U. s.searches affected, now only about 2% of U. s.searches affected. read more

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Black hat Shanghai dragon big secret trick

message time


? spam links

two, hidden links

will sometimes be imperceptibly site you use the technique of cheating, how to avoid this? First of all we must first understand what is cheating, and the consequences and punishment of cheating, and then improve their website.


spam links is the main birth of the mainstream search engine to the chain as one of the main factors ranking algorithm, is not easy to get the natural flow at other sites, so it resulted in the creation of this junk link, by sending software with the comment function in some comments open blogs, message boards, forums and articles website on a message, but also with the original posts or articles pertinent to the topic, leaving the links are often the target keywords. read more

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Detailed report 360 web site navigation search box from Shanghai love search products

technology news August 29th noon news, for the love Shanghai large-scale counter 360, in 360 with the flow forced to jump beloved Shanghai home practice, the 360 party will respond to the site navigation search box in Shanghai are removed.


9 pm last night, love Shanghai raid on 360, 360 users through comprehensive search access to love Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Post Bar and other services, will be forced to jump the beloved Shanghai home. But in a period of time, the use of this service to different browsers, love Shanghai approach is slightly different. read more

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Hong Bo the search crawl should conform to the rules for breach of the agreement will cause chaos

The principle of

search engine is a spider crawler program, automatically collect the webpage on Internet and access to relevant information. In view of network security and privacy considerations, each site will set their own Robots protocol, to express the search engine, which content is willing to allow to be indexed by search engines, which are not allowed. The search engine will be in accordance with the Robots agreement to give yourself permission to crawl. The Robots protocol has become an international practice all must comply with the search engine. This is just like a normal person to go to other people, to knock on the door, get permission to enter the living room. Unless further license and invitation of the owner, or you are not allowed to enter the chamber, or in someone’s home, wandering. read more

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Where does VC’s money come from An entrepreneur needs to figure out the problemEasy to see Silicon V

this is very important

‘s low job challenge has made many Silicon Valley engineers uneasy and unwilling. "When I can imagine myself 10 or 20 years from now, I don’t think I want this kind of life."".

is crucial to the success of start-ups, attracting the right investors. The reality is that without venture capital, most start-ups will stagnate. Without a limited partner, VCs don’t have the money to invest in these start-ups. Therefore, although the importance of limited partners is rarely discussed in the scientific and technological circles, they play an essential role in the process of promoting innovation. read more

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sh419 private equity platform to raise the public you are interested in questions and answers are h

as long as you insist, pays definitely has the repayment, only is how much earns only said, because this piece is the technical activity. There is no cost, that is to say >


earned money, courage, and began to pick up a single, to help others do the site, but also a sideline. More of their own procedures, you can directly select the customer, in the modification of some things, basically on it. Earn money, the heart of the most practical, the procedures and do stand this to stabilize the income, and then I developed the domain name IDC, although this hard point, but earned money, all tired with the waves of turbidity currents. read more

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Ding Dingtao webmaster to Taobao customer adviceDo Wangzhuan have to do the preparatory work before

fourth certified international bank account network AlertPay: alertpay AP, AP account is your electronic mailbox, is similar to the PayPal of a new generation of online banking website, give you a dollar or Euro with this payment to you. An international payment platform that supports the currencies of more than 100 countries.

1. Q & a website. See many articles say that this method is very good, because the user is a direct user, you just answer the question is likely to clinch a deal. In fact, this method is not desirable, because the three largest Internet companies Chinese Tencent, sh419, Alibaba have this service, but the three is a direct competitive relationship, now sh419 know about Taobao has fully shielded links, sooner or later, so ask the Tencent. read more

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dark horse dark horse Salala officially launchedLive into the integration phase of resources entr

beat a retreat!

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

3. Internet florists catalog is very poor! Is any more, you can let the consumer

3. to improve service quality, through education, training, quality control to protect the rights and interests of customers.

live air still, but the company still have a chance? A few days ago, Hainan joint Tencent to create a live video industry ecosystem, in addition to the Tencent cloud ecological base, first settled enterprises will take the industry and live games, and through the cooperation of three party resources focused support, through resource agglomeration effect, to live on the runway of entrepreneurship who rebuild a tuyere. read more

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A push CEO Fang Yi three pioneering pit NAnswer how to know how to make a retreat of the beginner

do not blindly follow hot Wangzhuan, instead we should according to their own resources in the hands of cards reasonable choice, such as you are good at writing, copywriting, so micro business can do, because you know how to use words to increase their exposure, but let you go to the website you can Hold live? Similarly, you make a code to give you a written plan, he can do? Even copywriting market demand is big, I want to code will not do, why? Because it is not his forte. So do Wangzhuan we should be clearly aware of their wins in one place. The long and short solution, only has certain advantages to make yourself a better foothold in the market. After all, an exquisite Wangzhuan or strength of the place, you may not as > read more

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Hot fitness Xu Wei entrepreneurs should learn to stand in the VC angle to see themselvesThe list of

so, I think the process of starting a heart and starting a business is complementary, and it must be love for you. Only love can do it well.

in the forum in almost a year, 12 hours every day on the above, the company finally made the biggest Chinese Android forum, called eloquent network. In fact, the initial heart of this business is only a hobby and a yearning for the whole market.

two, looking back at yourself from the VC

, I was lucky to be a partner in CA ventures and become a member of the investment community. > read more

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nterpretation of sh419 President Robin Li behind the woman FigureAre you qualified to be a Taobao

first, you must have perseverance and perseverance,

fourth, you must be good at it

Taobao customers are getting more and more crazy, even if not involved in this, the Taobao old buyers will also search for products in Ali mother commission to reduce the purchase price of the product. As the saying goes, women fear to marry the wrong man, and the man is afraid to choose the wrong one. If you’re going to be part of the Taobao team, listen to me and see if you’re a good fit for Taobao customers, read more

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Beginner should do whatFeng Dahui officially announced Entrepreneurship do medical search with sh41

Do Wangzhuan

July, from the inner mail of the Lilac Garden, we learned that the Lilac Garden CTO Feng Dahui had decided to leave. During the period of departure, Feng Dahui also had an option dispute with the lilac garden. As a well-known medical technician and preacher, after leaving Feng Dahui’s whereabouts has been a concern, today, WeChat officially announced by the public, he will start the next.

… …The …Don’t rush

no matter how brilliant, how much we have the strength in the ground, when we enter a new world, going from novice to start, gradual development, rather than to you. read more

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Talk about how to increase the click rate of GG advertisingA lot of entrepreneurs out family kitche

webmaster should also other people’s sites, if the sites are advertising, do you notice? If we are often on the site, we are familiar with the location of the advertisement, usually skip ads, direct look at the content, if not familiar with the website, if we can see what is advertising, we will. Jump over. So one of the most important reasons for the low click rate is that users don’t look at ads. They jump over. How to prevent users from skipping ads, which is the primary problem to improve the click through rate. Can be analyzed from the following aspects: read more

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2016 O2O white paper platform for word of mouth growth is the fastest the number of transactions in

founder, CEO cash ten billion departure

finally, China’s largest footwear company BELLE International Hong Kong stock code 1880 in July 27th closed to complete the privatization.

BELLE officially announced delisting

as early as the end of 4, BELLE international announcement said that the privatization notice received, the offeror plans to privatize the price of HK $6.3 / share, the company’s total valuation of HK $53 billion 100 million. This compares with the market capitalization of 150 billion Hong Kong dollars, the market value has shrunk by nearly 2/3, read more

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T investment management should establish financial thinkingThe latest tricks of liar advertising

once met a man claiming to be cruel dispatch net, because advertising address is not a cruel dispatch domain, so double check provides advertising pictures found at poison! So we have to be careful for the unknown source or origin of advertising.


sent a www.php file, rough look at the source code, no problem, is a web game registration page. On the safe side, change to gg.htm upload, and then tell each other. Then the other side firmly disagreed, must be www.php, and then very frequent reminders of me, hurry up. Suspicious, suspicious, and studying the code carefully, I find a very suspicious one. After consulting the tech man I am a blind man, this code allows him access to the server’s permissions. This person is :554837213 read more

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Remediation storm after the nternet lottery or entrepreneurial new business opportunitiesSuccess is

lottery O2O

from November 2014 to December, the National Audit Office of the history of the largest fees and lottery lottery audit, involving the relevant departments, and 18 provincial finance, civil affairs, sports administrative departments and 228 provincial lottery sales organizations, 4965 lottery funded project.

although the online lottery has been banned, this platform, known as the lottery O2O, is not uncommon on the internet. This so-called "O2O" model, that is, the so-called platform built by Internet Co, through the sale of lottery tickets through platform sales, the lottery purchased on the above. In addition to this O2O model, there are also some small companies surreptitiously selling online. read more

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Adsense on Ali mother conspiracyDo Taobao passengers need traffic more traffic needs transformation


many, I did not express, did not write out, but simply said, and I hope you readers understanding

I think mom is now off to earn money by Taobao to support employees, promotion data Ali mother has not made public the Taobao customer now, that is because Ali mother from the promotion to a commission to get off the success of Taobao at

second, difficulty in general words: choose the difficulty of general word can ensure more quickly achieve good rankings, such words have search volume, there must be the conversion rate, and the extension number can not be too much, otherwise do not too much significance. Such words, first of all, to study your peers, to see why people will choose such words, more research, more contrast, and finally make their own decisions. read more

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The two time in and out of HUAWE the two venture failed the forty year old uncle went to business

: born this?

Such a man

first talk about the profit model of chat rooms, probably divided into three kinds:

CPS advertising video chat service providers advertising alliance provides the CPS code and recharge way! Video service providers win over beauty to seduce, persuade customers to send virtual goods and video subscription service to obtain preliminary earnings! In fact, plainly, the female equivalent of some video run business marketing team, they do can to sell yourself and your goods! Webmaster, get code from the CPS advertising alliance, and launch promotion, with the temptation of the page to induce users to buy virtual recharge and trial registration points! And then according to the Commission is divided into! This is the chat room website profit the most lucrative source of read more

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Dialogue northern lights Deng Feng Elite entrepreneurial era has come grassroots playThe character

that time, I had a conflict with my mother. My mother strongly forced me to take the civil service exam, and I was furious against her.

but I chose not to listen to the old words, she only want to go to university.

nest in the home, or out of battle,

observation of Deng Feng’s investment case, it is easy to see that the United States, the group, Huada, big genes, and other enterprises are science and technology driven enterprises. Such enterprises are the focus of the northern lights. He has his own opinion about the development of science and technology in the future. read more

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Tai Chi send Q coins CPC product launchNetscape founder 15 million investment tsOn this company mu

Q CPC product recovery to send delivery, ad code will automatically switch to send Q coins CPC material.

Netscape co-founder, a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson Marc Andreessen said on his investment in mobile software developers ItsOn $15 million 500 thousand deal: "we think this is an important project."

foreign media recently published article said that Netscape co-founder, a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson has led to the mobile software developer ItsOn has invested 15 million 500 thousand dollars, he was optimistic about the founding team of the company, and that the company must exist, the reason is that the mobile business "free for all" era has come to an end, and ItsOn is trying to take a creative approach to make the mobile network have become profitable and can be maintained, but also for consumers to maintain a fair price. read more

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Remember Mcglaughlin at Daming Lake Quiet two years later the transition beauty electricity supplie

Abstract: Mcglaughlin’s "telephone consultant + mailing list" marketing practice was welcomed at the beginning of 1996, with the identity of the first company to be approved by the mainland for the mail order business. Although since then because of the rise of e-commerce and greatly affected, but its accumulated tens of thousands of loyal users and big data, is becoming the basis for its power beauty electronic business.

once China’s first B2C electricity supplier Mcglaughlin (NASDAQ:MCOX) in the past two years, unusually quiet. After the transfer of equity, positioning a large shift, the only once no two of the stock, but also re – revealed the signal to accelerate the run. read more

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Pay a total return do stand 25 days members break through 500

today is May 31st, as of today, through the site of the audit has reached 500 users. Probably a lot of people say 500 is too small, nothing to show off.

yes, 500 is a small number, but we’re proud of that number. Since its launch in May 7th, the ugly rat chain has rejected too many stations for the purpose of creating the cleanest and most valuable exchange chain. With pornography, viruses, popups, advertising stations have been rejected by us. If all stations are allowed to join us, our franchise will be at least 2 times more than it is now. read more

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Light blog survivor NetEase LOFTER after the transformation picture social how to walk through comme

ocean light blog originator Tumblr is popular, let the domestic in 2011 after the emergence of a number of imitators, the more famous companies including Sina’s little net, Xu Zhaojun created a Qing blog, pushed him, grand NetEase LOFTER.

however, light blog this form of products in the domestic development is completely unable to emulate Tumblr: little net in November 2012 to stop updating the first half of 2013, the grand project pushed him quietly disbanded, the Sina Qing blog in June 30, 2015 formally. read more

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When depending on the guest this life without regret the next life do not want to

, you probably haven’t heard of it. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’ve heard it, because I didn’t appear on the Internet in June this year. It’s my original creation. Why do you create this word? It’s connected to my career. I help people with weddings, festivals, funerals, and amateur ads for VCD or DVD. What’s the name of this industry? Film and television production is too professional. Compact disc production is too narrow. Perhaps it is an inspiration, and it is called visual editing. As the series, is video editing, we do not have too many ideas into, simply input the customer’s video, and then simple soundtrack, the credits of the processing can be defensive. Guest, can be said to be too much sweat concentration, countless sleepless self mockery. read more

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How do get more free traffic

I am a novice, I was always a half knife webmaster, in the 08 year of June on a whim to engage in their own website, so do my IQ 250 [network] was born, after that day I like many webmaster, every day will do is. Update and everywhere leave link, but I found this way, the traffic is very small, but feel gratified is PV good, IP is of good quality.

remember the site just on the line to the advertising alliance to register, advertising, want to make money, but in fact do website IP 09 years only 200, is really pitiful! Not to mention money! But I also understand, perhaps the main reason is the inevitable result I often change the site theme and cause and now I finally understand the meaning of "theme". read more

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How to choose a project

now has a growing number of entrepreneurs successfully embarked on the path of investment, however, business competition in the market is gradually enhanced, under such a background, the competition is increasingly fierce in. So, if you want to get the success of the business, not only need our continuous efforts, but also need to choose the project. So, how to choose venture capital projects?

first, to choose their own projects.

as the saying goes: "gehangrugeshan". Should try to choose their own professional, experience, interest, expertise can hang the hook project. read more

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Small network companies can develop without individual webmaster

personal webmaster, the biggest wish may be one day, your website can become the network company operation. But, as the webmaster of personal website, is it also rational to think about, those network company web site than the personal webmaster cattle? Once I like Mop, also very like Chinaz. Yes, every day, and then they slowly commercialized into the company, and now I just think about it once in a while and go back and see how much they’ve been ruined.

I’m sure to tell you that the two tier cities operating local websites are not rivals for personal websites at all. As an article says: "because the website is the company, 8 hours a day, time to work, after work, no one will stop the website.". And individual stationmaster, everyday brain is website, because the website is oneself, when having dinner, think of, can be implemented at night, so fight ability is strong. Network companies because of the nature of the company, public relations, entertainment, a lot of traffic is not necessarily up how much. The flow does not go up, let’s talk about it tomorrow, go out to have a meal today. Personal webmaster site did not access the amount, and a minute later will begin to study ways to improve traffic. If the network company employees working overtime, than a complain, but not many personal webmaster is to sleep before 0. So personal website has combat effectiveness. read more

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Emotion 10 years return to the road of the network

96 years in the Beijing University, the network was very far away from us, the first to the school computer room with Netscape browser on BBS, feel very magical, after graduation, turn a lot of software companies, software companies are dealing with the surface of computer and network, but the company is actually a world of difference, the essence of software company is a traditional industry, products and sales, in fact, not too much innovation, follow the prescribed order that an individual in the creative industry is repressed, in that industry atmosphere, as an engineer, the vision is very limited and can only see the technology development three acres on the field, now see a lot of engineer or marketing staff transition from the software industry to the network industry, happy for them, I did not deliberately want to belittle the software industry, with it, maybe just not People like me are there to grow. read more

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Business must read Secrets of business success

business must read: the secret of success in business

— Talking about the role change of entrepreneur from four factors of productivity

what is entrepreneurship,


creates a career. Business is the system. Entrepreneurship is the creation of systems.

What are the four elements of

‘s success or failure?

The four elements of

‘s success or failure are productivity. The four elements are labor force, tool power, natural force and integration force. The corresponding concrete things are producers, production materials (production tools), production objects (environment and nature) and production integrators (system integrators). read more

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Adsense Trading Forum upgrade Discuz 7 popular

February 11, 2009, stationmaster net’s stationmaster Trade Forum ( is successful upgrade, correcting. The forum upgrade, using Discuz, 7 built, the upgraded forum system running in good condition.

stationmaster website long diagram Wang expresses in forum, stationmaster Trading Forum upgrades very smoothly. The upgrade, Adsense Trading Forum not only fancy Discuz, 7 of the system compatibility and functional ease of use, more attention to the system, can meet the day posting more than 500 thousand of the powerful load capacity. read more

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How to hit the brand the latest movie site caveolae experience sharing

must have done the movie station webmaster all know, now the movie site as before 97 years, 98 years to do the site, so easy to do, and now more and more 90 also joined the webmaster industry. Especially the picture station and movie station this piece especially many, all thought that can do the station to be able to start an undertaking, all follow the trend to make the fast broadcast movie website. The last time I wrote this article in the A5 " movie called again; nest one and a half months of SEO optimization experience sharing " at the time of writing is full of CMS open source system, popular with Marx CMS, Feifei film program (ADNCMS), search a CMS these programs are free. You can easily create your favorite movie site in a few minutes. read more

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Group buying has become the plight of the past group buying nets know how much

group purchase has become the past? Experienced hundred regiments, the regiment saw Yao wins wonderful, but can not see the network group purchase dilemma, in fact caused by network group purchase such a situation more or the following elements, then the author will talk about the network group purchase operations, to a site to do something advice.

first: website program low threshold, buy nets flocked to

is a network group purchase program hundreds of pieces of money can do, such a low threshold, let me think of that year Taobao, that year Taobao guest or API, a program of tens of dollars, let Baidu with numerous API page, so only the Baidu in June 2010 the K page, some industry threshold is too low, there will be a negative effect, that is the truth. An industry should have a benchmark for the industry, when every day out of several web sites containing group purchase has gone for ever, we are left with endless space, sighing every day now by fold away, when there is no fire when an industry, whether you can calm down and view a look at the read more

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Adsense use micro blog marketing ten major points

micro-blog marketing ten major points

in 2009, the most popular word Google is twitter, and in Baidu, the most popular word is micro-blog, in 2010, several major gateways have opened micro-blog platform, with the accession of Tencent, micro-blog is more hot. Its emergence not only changes the way news is spread, but also changes the way of marketing. The first China micro-blog Marketing Contest "guest micro-blog contest" also caused the attention of micro-blog as a new network marketing platform, how to do marketing in micro-blog, and the problems existed in popularizing network marketing Institute Yang Tao communicate with you about the promotion and training experience. read more

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Stationmaster net navigation webmaster who launched

a few days ago, Ken saw the top of the webmaster network navigation, put on the webmaster network navigation links, you can see, Admin5 also want to enter the website ( Soon, figure Wang said to begin to collect the site, plan to include 5000 Adsense class website. In the webmaster network traffic basis, it is estimated that the webmaster navigation flow will gradually and ascension. But we’re not talking about the webmaster navigation graph king, and talk with his commander who navigation read more

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Yuan Mu maternal community founder readme why we have not been on line we have access to nearly 10

I: dark horse yuan Zi maternal community founder chapter Li yesterday to the horse community reporter confirmed the news of financing. This financing belongs to "angel round", by Zhejiang venture capital investment, the amount of nearly 10 million yuan level.

at present, whether it is maternal or child community or electricity supplier of the mother and child, are showing a prosperous scene. In particular, the capital to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm in this field, such as the mother infant community baby tree financing 150 million yuan, 30 million meters net financing, transition mother and child sale, mother and child community hot mother to help finance 20 million. According to Analysys data show that in 2011, China’s maternal and child market size exceeded 1 trillion yuan, is expected in 2015 will exceed 2 trillion yuan scale. At present, there is no giant in the field of mother and infant, so this is a blue ocean that has not yet fully compete. read more

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Novice Webmaster Station to take a shortcut to the experience of being cheated a webmaster

Hello, I am a novice webmaster, my ‘407F’ novel station station, station only less than half a month, the station had been in the webmaster website to learn, some understanding of the SEO, not wordy, you should be more like to see my

experience of being cheated!

2011.4.12: my novel station has not officially launched, I learned from the web "pig" Twitter Chinese this web site, try to send the task there, I made a promotion for half a year, but had no effect on the website. Pig quit nets issued task evidence: read more

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The moon after the individual owners will remain active in the nternet

is nearing its end in 2009, but the Internet has caused a great deal of controversy. Relevant departments to crack down on illegal information network, means tough, many innocent personal websites are also involved, but has been shut down the web site. We do not know if this is the intention of the government to combat or tough inevitable innocent price, in short, personal website in jeopardy, but powerless grassroots webmaster.

A5 forum December 17th invited Internet Celebrities Zhu Zerong teacher, to explore "personal website prospects" topic, discussing whether to withdraw from the grassroots stage, personal website is bright bright or a haze. This paper focuses on finishing version, hope that the webmaster help. read more

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To the webmaster recommend a PR method

PR is the abbreviation of PAGERANK. It is a score given by GOOGLE to the website.

PR it determines the GG rankings. But now the PR value of the site’s ranking is becoming increasingly low. But the PR value still let webmaster website as one of excellent standard. Although there are now many webmaster is not considering the site of PR. But there are still many still put the PR value as long the exchange Links standard. Whenever I make a new station to find the link. Instead, the new station. Not included in Baidu. No PageRank. Nobody is willing to exchange with you. They have high PR station. It can do read more

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Personal website development needs collection technology

said, "acquisition", when people are first of all a little sense of their own crime, after all, is copying or copying their results, this behavior is not advocated.

but when it comes to personal web development and personal interests, appropriate collection is still necessary.

, most of the personal websites are still operating by individuals, and they are limited in economic power and talent resources. If you want to be bigger and stronger, it’s really an easy thing to maintain the website development by personal arrangement and writing original articles every day. After all, personal knowledge content, the level is very limited, and want to do a good job in personal websites, adhere to the original line of the basis, still need to "collection" as the website second people. read more

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