Novice webmaster let us together

to this day, my site has been ready for 35 days.

I do not know is not every new webmaster like me, are included in the query inside your site website every day, and then looked at the poor GG included number and continued to zero Baidu number included, felt sad.

Baidu to new sites included, I believe we all know very well. Me too. In these more than 30 days, I have changed from expectation to expectation, from hope to despair. Every day looking at the steady and steady ZERO, it’s almost an illusion. I just don’t understand why Baidu spider every day fifty-six times, which is not included in read more

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The platform model of group buying navigation and business over

recently, a lot of traffic Internet Co began to build buy platform, to attract group settled. But it is divided into two kinds of group purchase platform, one is the "navigation group purchase platform", provides some group purchase site entrance, then the profits and the group purchase site into, does not provide any guarantee and service; the other is "super type group purchase platform, not only provide a simple group purchase site entrance, similar to between the supermarket and brand businesses, all activities are completed in the group purchase group purchase platform, its perfect login system, trading tools and service system. read more

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Rice and vegetable roll empathy hospital website can also stick to flow

not write anything for a long time, a discussion with peer friends today the development of the hospital website thought a lot of things, just write it down and share with you, also want to make the hospital website, do the hospital website friends can expand the extension of divergent thinking, to think. In fact, the hospital is now doing a lot of network marketing is very common, but most of the marketing depends on PPC, advertising, SEO optimization and other methods, today we are not going to discuss marketing, so put aside for the time being. Many hospitals will appear in a lot of such a situation, when PPC stop putting on, when advertising stop propaganda, when keywords are not in front of, when the flow rate is very big, and some even flow plummet. So, why? It’s simple. The hospital website doesn’t keep traffic at all. read more

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The 19 year old Webmaster Hang SNS profit is very simple

wrote at night, thinking a bit confused, did not tidy up. You don’t look at what ah. Speaking of SNS, presumably in A8 users should be more than I know, understand more. I was in contact with more than 1 months of SNS, others might also argue that a constant is only 19 years old, "tender point!" "yes, I dare not say what a professional webmaster, but each has its own experience, as long as we are able to put his experience webmaster to teach others, mutual study site believe that this industry will be coming out of a lot of talent, will have their own interests. Today hang for everyone to talk about their own SNS windfall experience. read more

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Daily PV million music websites closed down How did it last through infringement for ten years

, the same as may day, you settled down on the couch, eating out, watching movies, thinking about life, and streaming music services. Grooveshark had to end her life for nearly 10 years.

, the company that was founded in 2006, entered the market earlier than others such as Spotify. But the difference is that companies such as Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio have signed a definitive deal with record companies since the early days of their lives. The music they provide is copyrighted. And Grooveshark nearly ten years of life, but has been accused of infringement. read more

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From network management to webmaster my Station Road

every day to the webmaster nets see experience and experience of others, his writing is not good little hands, the first time to write their own experience of the site, do not know where to start, I had done the Internet technology, and friends in Taizhou to engage in a cafe maintenance company, now has nearly 100 maintenance of Internet cafes, usually nothing okay, but encounter trojan virus eruption, will be dead, every night to redo the system network G, so do the Internet is also very tired, want to change the environment so in March this year, Fuzhou back home school website, as do stand should start from the 07 summer day, a chance to let me know. Graph king, because there are some Internet cafes on their hands at the time, so I want to do a web site music / game / integrated direct set Internet IE home page, so join graph king built the webmaster. I have been engaged in Internet cafes to maintain this one, do not know to do stand, empty hand resources do not know how to use it, according to this situation, I ask the graph king, graph king is a passionate and enthusiastic person, not a call to come and help me, I was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour at that time, in Figure Wang’s help, I bought the picture / graph king game / music station, and a domain name want to do a comprehensive station, but after all is a layman, advertising / marketing promotion code do not know many things, not what time did not last long abandoned. Later for the Baidu alliance, IE Internet cafes are located into the Baidu home page, simple income can also be, now also been hanging. read more

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From what know community products meet the user’s psychological needs

before the text, first mention three keywords: community, community, social. Although they have a "society" word, but in essence, the difference is relatively large, if not clear, in product design, it is easy to go to the other direction.

quotes the author’s "Zhang Liang -Leo" as an image interpretation of the three:

community: you, I, he live in the same community, we form a community, although you don’t know me, I don’t know you, you don’t know him. read more

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Edit time how to quickly increase the number of external links

is just a lot of friends stand are very worried about increase the site’s external links, after all, this circle big, that small is not small, around the railway station, a few friends a little publicity, might get little a few Links, there is no other good way, today we a talk about the practical methods to increase the number of external links.

external links is really a good stuff, can not only bring about a large number of traffic, but also can significantly improve the search engine rankings, so basically is a webmaster, are paying more attention to the construction of the external links, in fact, in the webmaster online there are a lot of articles are talking about how to increase the external links, but to write out the basic there are theoretical things, the bird wanted to stand in a station, a little more carefully analysis, new sites to quickly increase the external links. read more

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2 months Taobao electricity supplier perception and experience some reflections on the industry

officially Taobao electricity supplier for 2 months, and want to review from the beginning, mainly because now the target is more clear.

first come, originally set is a copywriter, but the premise is to know the company, it is a pressing matter of the moment to be quick to learn about the company before, although familiar with Taobao, after all, not personally practice, so he chose to try for customer service, customer service is the ultimate goal of the work of all.

because there is a certain industry based on LED, but also know more, just for specific Lamps lighting is not very well, so in response to customer inquiries, fast learning and mastering the knowledge of lighting, such as technology, material, the most important thing is the selling point of the mining, after mining, found a common the original read more

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How to enhance the description of the details of the electricity supplier website description

the electricity supplier website, in addition to the competition in marketing who will know how to burn, in practicing internal strength, business platform in the description of the goods is a very important aspect of it, but a lot of business website especially mall site in the commodity description are often ignored, just do some general description, though there are pictures, are also introduced, but feels like the lack of what, it is difficult to impress users actively but buy. In the long-term research, finally found the secret, that is in the description of the goods, many of the details are ignored, although caught description of the subject, but in the conversion rate, the detail is the key. read more

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Analysis of how to use web bookmarking sites to do a good job of promotion

is a social bookmarking site for users of Web site functions developed in recent years, more famous QQ bookmarks, Baidu search, good network angle, I pick my world ", these 35766 and so on, these websites offer site collection features, it also gives the position of a website to increase the chain, a good place to improve visibility, then simple to talk about a few of the bookmark promotion note:

one, hold on to

bookmark collection is than a volume, a web site is a collection of more and more that his popularity, we in the bookmarks site of the home page usually displayed popular bookmarks, these popular users are very interested or especially interesting website, that is user friendly second, the weight of a search engine will also give a higher. So, when making bookmarks, as a registered member name cannot be repeated, so what you have to do every day is the best registration, with a different member name for you to optimize the promotion of the website of this stick, your site collection will be more and more big, if your site really have content, so do later netizens spontaneously, this will bring a very good promotion effect. read more

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How to plan design and build websites

site planning, design and construction, first of all positioning, that is, you put your site as a "media" or "business"?". What is the media, the main function of the media is publicity role, generally used as a brand image publicity more, is the image of the enterprise window. Such as some enterprise website design is very beautiful, Flash animation is very beautiful, mostly some show, in some portal site do or big or small picture advertising. What is business? Business is the direct purpose of sales. It pays attention to the flow and pays attention to the user’s needs. At present, the websites of private hospitals in China tend to be business oriented, and private hospitals in places like Taiwan tend to be biased towards the media. read more

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‘ve been doing a little bit of work for the past two months

really do stand nearly a semester, and also want to write something to share with you, I’m a very ordinary individual webmaster, below I talk about my two months to do standing experience. March 2008 I officially registered the domain name in Chinese name, bought the 100M space, and then began to do station trip, began to want to do the business of campus is the campus station, small business online sites, with a lot of template ourselves a bit, spent nearly a week (because it was not how to be), then began to run, do not know how to promote, let a friend next to register it, do a few days, feel like a forum, and then went to the online search source, find the 6K forum source code, loaded up, hey, really can be used, but the problem appeared. The forum, and in front of the shops are not the same database, to make a registration can use that, then desperately get database integration, also does not know how to get out. A whole 4 days, and finally integrated, but the Internet to check, even if someone has been integrated well, I once fainted, ha ha. read more

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Dai Renguang write soft three experience the pursuit of truth refused to exaggerate

one: writing articles based, publicity supplemented

this is a lot of soft writing writers often make mistakes, because want to add advertising, and not very good idea in the article writing. This is because the writer is not well aware of the meaning of the soft, soft and not simple advertising, soft paper is also very useful in this article, only a passing reference to the advertising, but his center or article after all. As long as the article is more attractive, the effect of advertising will be better. read more

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How to stabilize the keyword rankings by monitoring site data

has several very cattle "witch" in the United States SEO industry circle, they have some ordinary people don’t know the way the ability to predict the future, it is called SEO witch is because they can through the diagnosis of some data, the preliminary judgment of the site in the search engine rankings trend, this data can be diagnosed the results of the site before the operation is to make a summary, and the abnormal situation on the site, as soon as possible to make a rectification plan. read more

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nstagram two years gold panning 1 billion five successful experiences sharing

Beijing on April 17th news, according to foreign media reports, last week, the Instagram has a large number of users to share photos by Facebook APP at an astonishing $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, everyone in the team got $77 million on average. Although Facebook has attracted widespread controversy over the acquisition of Instagram with such a large number, it is still a success story that everyone can learn from good experience.

so how did the 2 year old start-up succeed?

1., the correct development strategy, no worry no user! read more

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Girlfriend’s aerobics website profitable experience

Hello, do not know if you have not thought of, people’s ability is limited, only a small part of his love to do the same, can put the site well, aerobics is not my hobby, but do not know how, met a love aerobics girlfriend, so in order to give she showed her space, I decided to help her make a website related to


09 years of summer, catching up with her birthday, make a website for her as a birthday gift! Unexpected that she also love the aerobics website, when I finally did something made her very happy thing! At that time, choose aerobics as the theme of the time, really don’t know what the domain name is good, I always want to use his girlfriend’s name as the domain name will not surprise her, but think carefully, with the name of a person to do what no domain development, of course, celebrities except, we are ordinary people, such as domain name registration was not rational, and then I thought a registered, and aerobics related keywords, then a lot of aerobics and search relevant keywords, seemingly not what keywords, and then decided to choose jianmeicao as Domain name, and learned that the domain name has not been registered, that time seems to be more than 11 at night when the registration, for fear of being registered for others. read more

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‘m not grassroots is a flower root webmaster about my plastic website

I’m not grass, I spent a long time to do root stationmaster! Webmaster, that are mostly men! I want to say is · today, we are no better than grassroots webmaster female difference, in order to take root the better tomorrow I wrote this article webmaster, please exhibitions! I have take root webmaster do SEO have a taste! Promotion approach is similar, SEO isn’t as important as you technology, is your idea, grassroots, first I have to admire your physical strength, do a webmaster, often stay up late for the body is destroyed, but we have acute (I thought proud smile ~ ~). We won’t lose to you guys, read more

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Experience sharing Notice of the latest works of Shen Menghan

has been busy for days. Dream cold also prepared almost, it is time to write a more useful and systematic website operation article. Although the article hasn’t been released yet, let’s show the catalog first.

if you have any opinions, please help. Of course, if you think less of something, try out, let the dream cold tidying up! These updates, probably about a week or so will come out, everyone please look forward to


"how to do a web site?"

the first thing you have to do is to figure out the real impact of your life. (the script is complete and you can click on it) read more

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My views on the gateway community

talking about the webmaster class website, we basically will associate with outdated webmaster nets, because they are the grassroots website in the earliest to do. And to some extent, to meet the needs of grassroots webmaster.

, however, has slowly become outdated at present as a forum for irrigation, here you can be keenly aware of. In addition, in the backward, subject to the title of the party is plagued by flooding is also frequent, and content is also tossing and turning of those things, can make things bright, careful less. Basically every day some of the old hands are interactive, for some of the new arrival is not taken into account. At the same time, the experience is new most depressed, make post nobody pay attention to, because a any one subject card (post irrigation excepted) is after a consideration, but also took time and effort. Post users are eager for others to pay attention to their own posts, whether praise, criticism or discussion, should make a statement. read more

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What kind of personal website can be profitable

website profit way: website personal transaction platform service (C2C) mode

This way is the representative website

eBay (eBay), the transaction is the main way to personal auction form, the NASDAQ listed company website, (to my knowledge) is one of the highest market value (about $51 billion), slightly higher than that of Google (about 50 billion) and YAHOO (48 billion) it is enough to prove this, online personal transactions in the United States and other developed countries…….

on the other hand, I heard that a friend came to study in the United States. After that, he bought many articles and books he needed from the website. When you left the United States, you bought these items and books through the website, which proves that this business model has been accepted by the public. read more

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Year thirty website experience summary

wife said to me 30 years the rest over the past year, seldom go to the relationship to his wife and children, my heart is very owe, now the social pressure to make us more human life, to reflect their own values and efforts.

I as a new webmaster, now has more than 4 months from the beginning of the establishment of the first station, remember on the first navigation website (WWW.773A.COM), visits at the beginning of the site only a single digit, I insist to write soft article every day, constantly to the website to post, after a day now there are hundreds of IP directly enter the IP address in, that there are hundreds of people remember the site every day, this makes me very happy. read more

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My opinion on present situation and development of website construction industry

at present, a lot of website construction company, as long as there is a single, you can make any commitment, the price is arbitrary, leading to confusion in the website production market. In the network company website, visitors can easily find all kinds of production site of the price, but a closer look after the discovery is all kinds of, regardless of the price or service, the market is not a unified standard.

, however, is unable to reach established standards. How can an effective communication and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Internet company and its customers be achieved? We do not try to talk about it from two different perspectives. read more

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Webmasters think more change appropriately but never give up

A common mistake many people

is the webmaster, do stand to start, especially about half the time, insist on coming, you can take a step-by-step, if there is no stick over and halfway up, that a successful web site and pass the station.

some things happened recently, attracted my attention, I have a new station, station for 4 months, Baidu included over 5000, but the IP is very small, in accordance with the general practice of the 1:10, about 500 of the IP is, but now the situation is less than 100, beginning has not caused my attention in several major update, still did not see the effect, I think that is what is wrong, my mobile phone is content to download resources, all of the content I are manual editing, the title of the 80% is the result of my treatment, SEO is not too much, are appropriate now, the situation there is a problem, the reason caused by analysis should be like this: read more

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The same network the same dream firefly to help grassroots Adsense success

firefly one website support grassroots webmaster

suggests that as long as the firefly only registered in this station once all the landing site alliance. In many small and medium-sized webmaster support, now has many sites to join, membership has reached hundreds of thousands of. Discuz, Dvbbs, ECShop and many other systems have been integrated with one, we will also continue to integrate various other programs, to provide services for the owners.

small and medium-sized sites why the Internet mercilessly abandoned? read more

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Unlock the secret of the 10 data analysis in the link

webmaster friends all know, an important type of exchange Links, Links is one of the important means to improve site traffic, to explain the Links Baidu encyclopedia said such word "Links is the fundamental source of web traffic, as an important type of Links visible. The pawnshop ghost help everyone together analysis those factors need to compare Links, I summed up the 10 factors as follows:

1, Alexa ranked

Alexa ranking represents traffic, of course, some people say, many websites ranking is through cheating, see this meaningless. There are rankings of the site does not necessarily have traffic, but there is no ranking of the site must not flow. read more

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Novel giant no matter how it will end at least we have

he, once a global vice president of the U.S. micro pesticide group, is fully responsible for the development and sale of the next generation of insect products at the micro chemical company.

in October 28, 2006, the international novel industry’s Big Mac TXT novel network appointed him as president of China, and is responsible for the establishment of (China) TXT e-book research institute. On the same day, the United States slightly hard paper petition, and TXT novel network together with him to court. However, micro hard company and TXT novel network, respectively, the international pesticide industry and the international novel industry leader, and move the whole body. The lawsuit made him a hot spot in 2006. He is the current president, vice president of global TXT novel network group and Chinese District, to achieve "teen" in the book about the ideal, in Chinese will just have novel career to new heights of mao. read more

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Swallow PPTV electricity supplier and nternet content Su Ning how to control

Internet technology is changing with each passing day, and many new industries hope to develop their own businesses with this platform. Think about it, whether it is traffic costs, or user growth depth, the Internet platform and mobile platforms have certain advantages, so emerging industries use this point of reference, you can achieve faster counter attack.

in fact, more than emerging industries, traditional industries have long wanted to hit the Internet idea. Of course, the main representative is Su ningyun. read more

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Web site analysis average site stay time hidden trap

learned the concepts of PV, UV, Visit and so on, and knew how many visitors came to the site, and the next key indicator was "average site stay."".


index because it appears to be a very easy to understand the metrics (not that visitors in the browse this website when you spent much time, so many managers) especially other non professional sector managers may have a special love of the clock: visitors spend more time means our site is high viscosity on our site, our web site for visitors to provide content and services more valuable, we transformed visitors more opportunity value. These views do not sound like a big mistake at first, but there are many hidden pitfalls in the "average site stay". read more

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The first record of real transactions in a webmaster network

: I was the first time through the intermediary network owners to do a business, then the unique feelings, experiences and reflections in writing, literary talent is not good, even wrote.

learning, their own big and small is also a small webmaster, hand in a few sites. But the programs on those sites are downloaded from the Internet themselves, none of them paid. But others see the website program, was envious ah, so malicious at heart, invested 100 yuan to the webmaster nets please users imitation of a website, the website is mainly about the talent class. read more

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Website has been demoted ranking back several experiences

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recent algorithm Baidu adjustment to allow many of the original high ranking sites have a lot of money, this is more like the keywords like the stock falls again, the original home page ranking perhaps because a small mistake will lead to no longer have the advantage of ranking, hard to establish the website. Optimization of such a long time suddenly second days with no keywords ranking in the Baidu home page, then you must be feeling very depressed. Keywords ranking decline, generally in SEO, there are 2 explanations, one is search engine algorithm big adjustment, two is the website is down right, even by K. The following small sum up several drop right, how to quickly restore site ranking method. read more

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Strike grass root Webmaster difficult living environment and lack of independent Entrepreneurship

first expressed gratitude, is honored to express their views on the A5 website, thank you for providing a platform for learning the practical significance of the exchange of A station network for the majority of grassroots webmaster, today we are going to talk about the past two years the grassroots real situation and facing many difficulties.

at the beginning of April, I attended the seventh session of the Chinese stationmaster annual meeting, after the meeting, learned a lot of things, but also know a lot of friends, hobbies and many just started their own business strivers, want to say Chinese network in the world because of the existence of the group as they did before become bright and colorful. But the grim reality, let us have to grassroots webmaster healthy growth down and full of worries. Grassroots webmaster faces many difficulties in the following aspects: read more

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Tiger bashing Sports China’s largest vertical sports community how to rise

tiger is China’s largest vertical sports community. It provides basketball, football, tennis, car racing and other mainstream sports information, but also in accordance with the type of movement and the breakdown of the various forums, as well as games, sports lottery, e-commerce shopping guide and other sections. July 2014, tiger has completed 100 million yuan C round of financing, is planning to be listed in the A shares.

"thanks to all shareholders China support for Ewald", August 24th, the first round of the Spanish football league season, the first time to participate in the league’s Ewald team, on the sidelines through billboards, to express my gratitude to Chinese from shareholders. read more

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Webmaster business your enemy is yourself

webmaster site entrepreneurship, and finally often not by opponent website beat, but by his defeat.

The essence of

Adsense venture is free, is it not as boundless as the sea and sky, it need to make too many restrictions and fetters, too many constraints but affects their own play, and even make some unnecessary mistakes.

webmaster site, usually will go to learn other people’s experience. That’s understandable. Especially in the beginning, we should first look at other people’s Web site, how to do, do something. This is true for people who have just met. But too much reliance on what you learn will affect your own view. The Internet is so big that nothing is unique. Sometimes your opinion may be better than what you think is a successful website. read more

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What station should do in the future

has been in the Internet industry for years, looking at all kinds of websites. So far to build their own site, is also a webmaster. But still want to talk to our webmaster about some of their own ideas: now the Internet on a variety of Web sites: a variety of portals, search engines, personal blogs, enterprise networks, and so on.

, there are many kinds of garbage websites,

!The application of

network in twenty-first Century reflects the status of the network in the development of the society! But also social demand on the network, you need to develop good development! After more than 10 years of rapid development of network, it brings us many problems: network communication network, network unlimited garbage infringement, privacy, is through all kinds of website as a platform for read more

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The first attempt station after the transition Revenue has been generated over 3W blocks

maybe this isn’t an article, but it’s a real idea. I’ve done many types of websites and I’ve finally found the way. Http:// encourages you to do more trash no fun to do and try to do a local business website now, there have been several businesses make money although not only 3W block but you can see better than do local station station the money map is considering a MJJ charging plan is still garbage station go upstream next I can try this station in your development, although very old but as long as you go to business will surely return to see read more

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Talk about why the Chinese nternet can not make Microsoft and Google

rumors of the launch of the gem, of which one purpose is to create a Microsoft belonging to China, but I can say that the gem can not be made, just because it was born in China, this is not the money problem.

China Mobile, there are plenty of money, we all know, the people’s hard-earned money, of course we know. But how to do, in addition to communications in the monopoly position, it is what happens to be proud of, not moving! It is useless, Wang Jianzhou is also very vexed, have so many titles on the body. read more

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Talk about my choice of domain names from the point of view of the station

suffix analysis

1 and com have nothing to say, Longmen eldest son, search engine effect is optimal. Of course, the price is the highest. This is because many webmaster poor meters are used com, if it is the most complete preservation of the flow station.

2 and CN are good, after all, the rice of their own country. But one yuan CN directly affect the overall quality of the CN station, but also a little fear of search engines, search engine effect in general. The price is now second only if com is large, a small amount of traffic flow to com. At the same time a small amount of other suffix traffic can be obtained. read more

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Sleepy ocean scientist Bo Lu Songsong blog

since the blog, in writing their own characteristics at the same time, also want to learn how to do your name bo. Learning makes progress,

was the first to share my experience of learning Lu Songsong blog, spent two nights with a time at noon, read all the articles, most of the comments of Lu Songsong blog, and micro-blog in the part of the article, also read a review of his articles, or rewarding.

talk nonsense, start with a set of data, as of March 29, 2010:

checked two domains, one was, one was, and the specific website included data as follows: read more

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Open a hot pot shop to do what 5 jobs

shop simple, especially in the current business environment, however, want to open a good shop is not an easy thing, after all, the competition is fierce in all industries. In short, we have to do a good job related to the success of the shop can be achieved. And if you want to open a hot pot shop, there are five aspects of the work can not be ignored. So, open a hot pot restaurant to do 5 jobs?

1, the core competitiveness of hot pot restaurants – hot pot flavor

a Hot pot shop must is the most important Hot pot flavor, taste only to customer satisfaction, in order to Hot pot shop vitality; if do not have their own characteristics Hot pot shop customer taste, eat only fill the stomach, it doesn’t last long Hot pot shop. read more

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Open hand fabric shop to make money

a lot of people want to do a small business, open hand fabric shop is a good choice. But the problem is, open hand cloth shop to make money? Many people have such questions. This will take a look at the manual cloth shop investment income situation!

read more

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Sun Saiwu bold face thick pay gains

successful college entrepreneurs, the scenery behind the hard, you know? A master in reading in just two years, get rid of the identity of poor students, with the knowledge to change the fate of a registered capital of 8 million yuan into the company ceos.  

is the internship in Liaoning more than a year, he learned a complete process of engineering, accumulated a certain amount of knowledge management and communication, and even to dig the first venture capital. To help the company in the process of doing things, he learned that a local environmental protection bureau to do the sewage treatment facilities, as an intern who grasp this opportunity, and the other person in charge of a communication, and in-depth investigation, put forward a set of effective scheme.

read more

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How to buy a reasonable clothing store

clothing store competition, opened a clothing store looks very simple, only your body in which you will feel such fierce competition, how to open a clothing store, should start from the purchase, the purchase must pay attention to the clothing store. Here is to introduce some of the clothing store purchase method.

stock size and color, are in fact vary.

Color talk about the need to first identify the main potential customers you store, for example, students or young girls less than 25 of the family, you can choose some of the more bright some colors, such as watermelon red, blue, purple, and if it is installed or installed in the elderly woman, you can choose more some coffee, khaki, green, black. Of course, this is also related to the style of clothing you choose. In addition, as the store decoration, but also need to be considered, whether it is a small shop wallpaper, or lighting should be in line with the style and style of clothing, rather than first fit into the decoration of clothes.

size to say that in general, the color and size depends on a common purchase target customers and purchase channels. Take our website, because manufacturers in Guangdong for the vast majority of manufacturers, the production of clothing size specifications will be smaller, so most of the code we only sell clothes M-XL, if you are the guest, you should put the L codes as M codes, 1:2:1 is usually the proportion. That is to say take 1 pieces of M, 2 L, 1 XL.

for clothing stores, store decoration is very important, this is to attract customers into the store, so Xiaobian recommended we must be in the decoration work, so as to successfully attract more customers. read more

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