A little good to the customer will make your business prosperous

if the location of the store is not good, so the store business will really bad? In fact, if you can have more than the operation of the strategy, the same will make the shop business is booming. My shop is not in a good location, but it’s a surprisingly good business. Many peers do not understand, learn from me. I don’t hide, smile and tell them: "if you want a good business, just a little more’."

Zhao sister come to the shop to buy eggs, egg, said the bill, before leaving, I took a plastic bag, smiled and said: "I’ll give you a little insurance!" But remember: after weighing the weight. If you put on the weight before the package, there will be no free plastic bags to sell eggs. Although a lot of customers are broad-minded, not stingy, but businesses must take into account, so nuanced. read more

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Cosmetics store location skills Daquan

cosmetics are often used by women, cosmetics to join the market fiery, promising, attracted the attention of people. So, how to do a good job in cosmetics store location? Below we will share the location of cosmetics store selection skills, we want to help and learn from.

A, for the cosmetics franchise location, the most important thing is the traffic problem at the selected shop around. We must have a relationship, traffic flow. In general, the best choice in the vicinity of the station store, if you have to walk the customer, then you can not choose the store more than 20 minutes walking distance. And we must observe the pedestrian flow, to choose more pedestrian flow of the street store as well. read more

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Dawn sitting on the street to eat snacks users call for good health care

had this four kings of dawn handsome is captured the hearts of thousands of girls, and now he is a woman in the eyes of men to god. Recently, the dawn of the street to eat snacks is praised by ground gas man God, more users distressed, shouting to pay attention to the body.

[street snacks] sit dawn according to reports, the dawn will be held for 6 "dawn Leon  30th  Anniversary  Random  Love  Songs  4D  in  Live  2016" concert tickets, yesterday officially open. In the past few days in the dawn of personal social networking sites to promote and explain the arrangements. read more

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nvestment with medicine family good health museum

health market, has been very popular choice. Small entrepreneurial choice to enter the health market, no doubt, is very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. medical family health experience museum? Worth joining!

family health experience museum is good? This is a lot of investors want to know the problem, you can go to its headquarters or its stores look at the field investigation, we know that this project is how attractive. medical family health experience in the market has a good reputation, gathered a high popularity, is a very good choice. read more

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Big reasons for not rich

maybe you and millionaires grew up together, learning achievement is almost the same, after graduation work is relatively small, but he was successful, and you are still struggling for thousands of yuan of wages go hard, you think about the reason? Don’t think that other people’s opportunities are good, that is just one of many factors.

disdains to do things

read more

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Beauty salon to do propaganda business to the fire

modern women are pursuing perfection, beauty salons are often they go to a beauty salon is also very profitable. Beauty salon publicity is also a very important way to attract consumers. Beauty salons do publicity work? Is there a suitable way of publicity? Let’s look at it together!

advertising not less

can in large shopping malls or advertising LED screen where a large crowd, or you can find some free to customers, then the process of recording, let them experience to speak out, so in the mobile media bus, on the subway on the publicity. read more

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How to join the chef barbecue buffet

in the catering industry we always selected by each chef, delicacy selection expert selection. Of course, there is a sense of barbecue barbecue industry claiming Gusteau’s project, surely this must be true ability, let us look at the barbecue chef brand!

has created a big barbecue chef, catering industry China miracle. It breaks Hot pot with grilled " since ancient times; water, fire is not a pot of " cooking boundaries, open restaurants There was no parallel in history. " a store two cuisine " new pattern, " delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and low carbon " the image quickly recognized and loved by consumers. Rinse roast in the current China is one unique, with newer and better products for consumers and investment friends, provide more stylish and more sanitary products for consumers to rinse roast one, with faster and more broad road to prosperity for the majority of investors. So how can barbecue buffet join? read more

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Fulton manor wall nano integrated healthy life good choice

in the home market, with the gradual increase in the demand for integrated wall consumers. For entrepreneurs, there is no doubt that there are a lot of opportunities to get rich. How Fulton manor nano integrated wall? Brand integrated wall is more reliable.

if investors are worried that their business does not have capital, venture investors if they want their dreams very urgent, believe that Europe will be applied to nano integrated manor venture investors to join a better investment choice. Fulton manor wall nano integrated small investment, the huge market demand, welcomed by consumers, has a huge market for investors to develop wealth. read more

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Local specialty stores the whole how to make money

believes that we are always very familiar with local products. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the local specialty? Healthy and delicious, it is very beneficial to our body. The most suitable for the small business franchisees choose. Easy to learn fast start, the success of entrepreneurship is just around the corner!

native as a rare, beneficial to human health products, has been recognized by everyone, so this will give local market has brought a broad space for development, thus ranking in the Chinese profiteering industry specialty stores in the US is the first choice for native join in inn to join the business, we in the process, in order to obtain better business, you can start from the following introduction to. read more

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Join catering projects can bring you good rich opportunities

now, catering market, has been very hot. As we all know, the choice of the brand franchise project which is recognized by consumers is the choice of the business. So, the business will choose to engage in food and beverage industry? With the strength of choice, successful business, worry shop!

want to run a good restaurant franchise, you need to store the dishes to attract customers, so that customers can come. For the novice to operate food and beverage franchise stores need a good idea to make their own food and beverage outlets to get more people appreciate. In choosing to join the brand, need to choose the distinctive catering franchise brand, to be able to attract customers to come to the consumer, but also to continue to introduce new dishes, not only a variety of dishes to meet different consumer tastes, who needs a lot of catering franchisees to seriously consider. read more

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The investment of small stores bright prospects

we all know that the quality of entrepreneurial choice is the first step in our successful business. So, how to choose small businesses to join venture? Market development space, good prospects!

small clothing store investment?

engaged in the operation of many self-employed, making money is undoubtedly the fastest self-employed clothing. Colorful fashion to bring beauty and enjoyment to people’s lives, but also to bring a lot of money operators. Now we see that many are well-known clothing business. read more

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Tiosa how baking shop to join the market prospect of whole

since the foreign culture into China, a lot of western culture has been widely recognized by the people, for example, the infiltration of Western food culture, making our daily life more diversified choice of food and beverage. The continuous exchange of Chinese and Western culture, so that baking pastry has become an integral part of the Chinese consumers in the life of the delicious dessert, for us to bring more delicious good time!

bakery industry product structure is becoming more and more reasonable, is bound to usher in greater prospects. In 30 years, the baking industry developing rapidly and gradually changed the small scale, single product structure, disorderly competition, baked pastry enterprise scale and intensive development, product structure is becoming more rational. read more

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Maternal and child supplies shop business is good what method

maternal and child supplies are currently deeply concerned about the project, the investment of the project, then, in general can get good benefits, then, the mother and child supplies store, then, how to do business? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

maternal and child supplies store customers are an important guarantee of income, there is no customer, it will not be able to talk about the income of the business, will certainly encounter a variety of customers, maternal and child supplies store how good business? Operators should constantly improve their marketing and sales skills, sincere treatment of each customer. Maternal and child supplies agents to profitability, first of all to reduce costs, because the lower the cost, the greater the profit space. read more

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nvestment in food is good fragrant snack car

in the food market, whether it is to enter the food and beverage industry in which the project, in fact, is a very profitable choice. Then, start to choose investment in food sweet snack car OK? Brand snack car, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Rich business opportunities to earn money, then, what are you still hesitating?

food fragrant snack car investment good? Food fragrant snack car investment is good or not, the vast opportunities to take you out fast.

joined the food fragrant snack car? read more

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Ten office furniture brand ranking

suitable for different occasions, the role played by nature is not the same, so the demand for furniture will be different. In the entire furniture market, office furniture is undoubtedly a very important component, but also has a very broad market. Next, let Xiaobian for your secret office furniture ten brands list, so that you can have more understanding of the industry’s brand.

office furniture ten brands list NO.1, US:

office furniture ten brands, China environmental labeling products, Hongkong famous brand, the United States HNI group’s brand, the most influential brand, the world’s top second office furniture manufacturers. Market leader in office furniture design, production and sales in mainland China and Hongkong. Through in key markets such as Hongkong, Shanghai and Beijing, showrooms and sales offices and sales throughout the country, the United States can always provide the international trend of combining with local office solutions for customers. read more

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Do business but also consider the overall

due to the fierce competition in the business now, a lot of shopkeepers will form a vicious competition, which is not only detrimental to the development of shops, but also not conducive to the development of the industry as a whole. So, if it is to do business investment, we need to be able to consider the overall situation, so that the business will be truly prosperous development.

my supermarket is located in the center of the village. Later, the roadside village opened a small shop. Although there is a peer competition, but we have a good relationship between the two, and there is no price war. The store of goods are basically the same supply wholesalers, we have formulated a reasonable price, the careful maintenance of their customers, has been at peace. read more

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The car dazzle light wheel suction gold don’t worry about joining a

car dazzle dazzle light wheel? Very competitive brand choice. How to join the car dazzle dazzle light wheel? Very popular choice. Want to start a successful business, you choose to join the car Chi dazzle dazzling light wheel?

consumers need what kind of products, presumably not many people know how to choose the key operation, degeneration of what brand of products depends on the car dazzle light wheel? Join the brand? This cool products who don’t want to miss. The car wheel light dazzle agent products not only in appearance is very stylish and elegant, the evening will be very cool, its internal quality is fine, the company adopts the technology of processing high micro computer, let the light wheel is safe and durable, while the development of the intelligent system can automatically transform different styles, the user can freely change operation, everything is very simple. read more

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Milk stores opened in the whole where better

milk powder is a favorite of many friends, milk powder can be added nutrition, so it won a lot of consumers love and attention. So, if you want to open a milk powder store, then where is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can bring help.

looking for a wide range of houses. Now there are many entrepreneurs like through newspaper advertising, housing agency, real estate trade fair, the Internet and other shops to understand the information, and then select shops. Milk powder store open where good? In fact, there is a great deal of money and the location of the shop, so, for the infant milk powder chain store location related issues, as a milk dealer you must pay more attention and attention. read more

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Small business shop project 60 Happy tooth Chan powder to join the whole

Chan happy sixty tooth powder? With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the demand for food is increasing. Entrepreneurs choose to join the greedy happy sixty tooth powder? High quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and choice, then, what are you still hesitating?

with the development of society, the more and more mature, the current era, although the money is not everything, but no money is totally unacceptable, earning money is clearly unable to meet the current consumer demand for many people, so more and more people chose to do poineering work to realize the dream of wealth. Small business shop project is now the most popular choice, greedy tooth happy 60 powder, small investment, high return, is a model of small business, join and enjoy popular business opportunities, easy to get rich natural be nothing difficult. read more

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Join the lucky sign Mala shop more worry

lucky sign spicy hot join? Naive project, worry free business is more worthy of trust. Lucky sign Malatang to join the project choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space selection!

now investors choose to join the food and beverage project, in addition to the quality of the product will be attached importance to, but also attaches great importance to the name of the brand, a good brand name can bring a lot of customers. String spicy spicy hot to join a good family? Lucky sign is a good product, while the brand name is also very good string spicy spicy brand, is a good choice to join. read more

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Hamburg to join the brand which to choose

in the food and beverage industry in both Western and Chinese food and beverage projects are the kind of rigid demand for products, such as China’s bread and buns in the breakfast program, and Western fast food is a representative of the Western rigid demand for food and beverage.

in the food and beverage industry, fast food has become a dark horse in a thriving! With the quickening pace of life, in people’s daily meals, not too much time, too much patience to wait for the chef cook, is to come to the point, eat, eat and go to fill the belly can be. Therefore, the fast food restaurant is always overcrowded, so not only the higher turnover rate, faster sales, but also greater sales, more profitable. American fast food with the rapid spread of western culture has been generally accepted by the people, Beck Hamburg is the Chinese people to create their own American fast food brands. Bican de Ki Macdonald more delicious nutrition, more affordable, with a number of loyal fans. Burger burger Beck. read more

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Snow ice cream preferably running business with a small capital to join the whole

like ice cream so the project, no doubt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. Because, join the ice cream project, less cost but can quickly return to this. How about running snow ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, what are you still hesitating?

St. snow ice cream to make money?

St. snow ice cream after several years of development, the brand famous at home and abroad, in Asia, Europe and the United States have outlets, bustling. Many mainland stores have begun to take shape, consumers flocked to the brand to become synonymous with sweet. The sale is a kind of healthy and recreational life style, sell more precious youth taste. read more

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Open snack stores need which files all data

modern consumer demand for the quality of the snack food store is getting higher and higher, so want to successy open a snack bar, you need to do a good job shop ready. On the opening of the required documents, the same must be less. If you are a novice, the problem is not very clear, you can look at what documents need to be prepared.

1, for those who choose to operate independently and partner of the snack shop entrepreneurs, the store’s name is very important, is a sign. First go to the local industry and commerce to approve a shop name, brand name more than a few, because you can’t use the same. The validity of the name approved by the trade and Industry Bureau is valid within 20 days from the date of approval. As for the choice of franchising entrepreneurs, this problem does not need to worry about. read more

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How to grasp the skills of money shop

now has a lot of entrepreneurs, it is easy to face in the business when the problem is the shortage of funds, in this case, people need to be able to master certain skills in the shop, shop in the process of financing, in order to raise the funds needed to hold the palm of your skills to borrow money and attention.

1. in time to repay the loan

read more

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The store customer reception method to the whole t differs from man to man

the same way, the customer is applicable, but another customer may not be applicable, after all, each customer’s personality is different, the demand is different, the reception method naturally need to be different. In a word, the method of receiving customers in the shop needs to be different from person to person, so that the business of the shop will be guaranteed.

do business pay attention to "open the door to accept", literally can see, this "open" is very important. People have phototaxis, love to bright and clean store shopping. Just imagine, if all the shop door ajar, indoor lights dim, I’m afraid your salesperson must first be sleepy straws, it is easy to produce "it is not at rest, do not want to open the feeling after the customer. Therefore, under normal circumstances, to try to open the door, so that pedestrians have a kind of popular feeling. read more

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Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Second Xining west highway bridge span box girder was blue

day before the cast-in-situ box second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway safety to Xining Lanxi highway bridge across the last hole 900 ton high beam girder falling construction completed. Marks the successful completion of the box girder bridge, which lays the foundation for further construction of ballastless track and next year in January 1st in Lanzhou to Xining section of track laying construction.

second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway length of 1776 kilometers, through Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces. Peace to Xining is one of the main engineering section of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double line in our province. The bridge is one of the most important, the total length of 2708.17 meters, a total of 76 piers, the construction is very difficult. After repeated research and demonstration of technical personnel, and finally the use of high – level precast layered beam construction project, the successful completion of the construction of the large bridge box girder. read more

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North 2 million fund to support small and micro enterprises

this year, the city to take positive and effective measures, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund to fully support the development of small and micro enterprises.

Preferential policies and measures

Chengbei District conscientiously implement the national and provincial and municipal support Small and micro businesses development, expand the number of support Small and micro businesses, promote Small and micro businesses "expansion", combined with the actual area, according to local conditions, accelerate the hatching a batch of production and processing, plant breeding, sightseeing agriculture, commerce, tourism, service catering accommodation Small and micro businesses, the development of rural cooperatives, efforts to expand the number of Small and micro businesses. At the same time, increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, the establishment of silver enterprise cooperation docking platform, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund guide, strengthen cooperation docking with banks, small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation, to help support the development of Small and micro businesses; relying on the biological park expansion of park land acquisition, Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management, increase with the city land, planning department cohesion, create Small and micro businesses North Park and incubator, encourage Small and micro businesses to carry out technical cooperation and supporting products focus on industries and enterprises in the park, the formation of new special expertise in Small and micro businesses group, continuously improve the competitiveness of Small and micro businesses. (author: Zhang Yan Qingqing)
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Adjustment of vocational skills training subsidies

In November 11th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that in order to improve the urban and rural labor skill training in our province fine, standardized management, human resources and social security department, the finance department, issued the "Qinghai province occupation skills (short-term) training and entrepreneurship training work time and subsidy standards", the province current occupation skill training subsidy standards were integrated adjustment. read more

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Migrant workers owed heavy fines

recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development in accordance with the law on 2014 serious arrears of wages of migrant workers in construction enterprises were punished. The construction enterprises for internal management and other reasons, can not be timely payment of wages for migrant workers, or migrant workers Taoxin not actively respond to treatment, buck passing, led to many migrant workers Taoxin collective petition, serious impact on social stability.
to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, maintain social harmony and stability, to create a good environment of construction market, according to the relevant laws and regulations and the relevant policies, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction according to the law to make clear of the province’s construction market penalties for Hubei Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd., Fujian New Century Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhongtai construction group Limited by Share Ltd; make re approved qualification punishment in Qinghai province Hongxing Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. and other 3 enterprises; on the basis of Qinghai Province Geological Engineering Construction Corporation and other 8 enterprises in the province within the scope of criticism; of arrears of wages for migrant workers in Yushu post disaster reconstruction in Qinghai Jianxiang Engineering Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies to be put forward the follow-up work after the completion of further processing decisions.
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Lantie via Xining into the Hexi Corridor in our province this year will enter the era of high speed

"in the provincial government’s leadership and positive efforts, the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway will pass through Xining into the Hexi Corridor, which makes Qinghai really into the national high-speed rail network."

provincial development and Reform Commission Director Wu Haikun in the province of NPC and CPPCC on group discussion said happily, with the Qinghai high speed rail era this year, the province’s passenger and freight capacity will fully enhance the economic and social development will be more rapid. read more

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Eighteen reports cited strong resonance in Universities

The morning of November 8th, the teachers and students in Colleges and universities in our province concentrated viewing eighteen grand opening ceremony of the party, everyone excited and joyful mood, eighteen bursts of applause in the report reviews to listen to the report made by Comrade Hu Jintao, has aroused strong response and resonance in the majority of teachers and students.

at the Qinghai Normal University, the eighteen grand opening ceremony of the school Party committee of the party members and the college student representatives watch on several function rooms; in the Department of Qinghai University and the Institute of multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, school leaders and students together watching the eighteen grand scenes meet the eye everywhere…… After listening to the eighteen reports, colleges and universities have held a variety of forums, theme class meeting, teachers and students are happy to talk about the feelings of the future. The majority of college students agree that the report of Comrade Hu Jintao is profound and full sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, reflects the scientific development of the spirit of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, encouraging. Mongolian students in Qinghai University, said: "in recent years, my hometown has undergone tremendous changes, people live a happy and healthy life…… All this is due to the correct leadership of the party and the party’s good policy." Qinghai University Department of Social Sciences Professor Wu Yongliang said: "the history of the practice proved repeatedly, only the Communist Party can save China Chinese, Chinese socialism is a way to achieve national prosperity and revitalization, people’s happiness is the only correct way." read more

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A good place for tourists praising the flowers of Datong

"These days, we climbed the mountain to the master, Guanghui temple, still kite ditch farmyard taste vegetable farm, goddess mountain scenery is charming, Datong is really a beauty everywhere is a good place for leisure tourism." July Datong, green shady, flowers everywhere, and now here besides the charming qishanxiushui, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the country also added a new landscape for the beautiful datong.

"Hehuang flower" in the birthplace of Datong County, the winter cold, summer without heat, beautiful environment, the forest coverage rate reached 38.1%, ranking first in the province, the total 690 million cubic meters of water, bear more than 75% of the city water supply in Xining City, is an important water source conservation base in the province. The unique plateau climate and beautiful forest ecological environment, known as the summer capital of ecological park, is summer resort, winter shangxue ski paradise. In recent years, the profound humanistic landscape in Datong County, rich and colorful folk customs, the Hui people’s banquet song, Tu people, Zhao Nadun festival dance, wheels autumn folk customs and verdant natural ecology, modern agriculture and industry base together, now constitute a beautiful, amazing new datong. read more

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Bureau of transportation public transportation adjustment six questions

Urban public transport lines will be adjusted for a wide range of public information on the issue of public concern, why should be adjusted?" "What is the change after adjustment?" Line changes will not cause inconvenience to travel?" "Does it take more time to transfer?" "Transfer will not increase travel costs?" And so on the question from the city in recent days to come to the evening news of the public political hotline, for this reason, the reporter linked to the deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation Guo Rui, on the issue of public concern in detail.

[attention: why should adjust]


[attention two: adjust what changes]


form bus line more perfect network

the Gongjiaoxianwang adjustment to adhere to the "line to go with, improve access rate, improve coverage, improve operational efficiency, reduce line repetition rate, reduce non linear coefficient principle, optimization of the" main line – trunk feeder and micro circulation link "three tier network layout, meet the residents along the line line level work, go to school, taking into account the cultural life, travel demand.With the implementation of

[three: attention line change will not cause inconvenience to travel]


to meet the travel needs of the people and then adjustedThe

; read more

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1 9 3 policy to benefit two hundred thousand students in Xining

government’s policies, especially investment in education, so that people really feel the warmth of the party. It is understood that 1+9+3 education Huimin policy to benefit nearly two hundred thousand students in Xining.

1 (preschool 1 years): only last year invested $28 million 390 thousand, a total of 28028 children. The establishment of preschool education funding policy, to a certain extent, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the public to send their children to school, Xining City preschool education of school-age children in the class (Park) 4978 more than last year, the three year Xining City preschool education popularization rate increased from 67% to 90.2%; read more

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Four road network connecting the Silk Road Economic Zone

Government work report, this year to actively integrate into the Silk Road Economic Zone, and strive to build our province into a strategic base and important fulcrum of the new Silk Road, accelerate the establishment of transportation backbone network. So, this year, the province’s traffic in the construction of what the big move? This reporter interviewed the provincial people’s Congress, director of the Department of transportation Han Jianhua.

Han Jianhua analysis Silk Road Economic Belt highway network into an accelerated our province as a newspaper reporter: to speed up the comprehensive transportation as the focus, the new Xunhua along the the Yellow River channel to the longwuxia gorge four highway network, comprehensively promote the eastern city group as the center of Xining and along the the Yellow River highway, channel six Panshan centralized traffic contiguous poor areas and projects in our province to the ancient Silk Road, the main skeleton Lianhuo expressway connecting line. read more

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Open the door to allow people to participate in planning recognition

Wang Yubo presided over the Executive Council of the city will continue to strive to maximize the efficiency of decentralization through the decentralization of the city to become the highest pollution prevention Xining blue into the people’s well-being

April 24th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government forty-fourth executive meeting, considered the "Xining Municipal People’s government decided to cancel and adjust administrative approval directory", "Xining urban planning regulations (Draft)", "Xining City motor vehicle exhaust pollution control management measures" and other issues. read more

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Charming summer legal education for youth safety escort

Recently, the Provincial Department of Education jointly organized by the Provincial Justice Department, the provincial Party committee, province security office, and to undertake the Education Bureau of Xining city of Qinghai Xining area "the charm of the healthy growth of summer -" 2012 Summer Youth Legal summer camp activities in Xining City, the second class summer camp

recently, the Provincial Department of Education jointly organized by the Provincial Justice Department, the provincial Party committee, province security office, and to undertake the Education Bureau of Xining city of Qinghai Xining area "the charm of summer · the healthy growth of the 2012 Summer Youth Legal summer camp activities in Xining City, the second class summer camp. 90 teachers and students from 8 middle schools in Qinghai Huangchuan second branch, the seventh middle school of Xining City, the eleventh middle school of Xining City, Xining city tiger Taiwan participated in the school summer camp activities for a period of two days. read more

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More than ten years of growth 15 times of Qinghai Lake Naked Carps

Reporters from the Qinghai province agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau was informed that the latest monitoring results show that as of the end of 2013, two national animal protection of Qinghai Lake Naked Carps resources amounted to 39005.2 tons, about 15 times that of 2002.In order to strengthen the protection of resources from

, in 2013 in Qinghai province to carry out 5 times from restocking activities, a total of 7 million tail and Qinghai Lake Naked Carps, Qinghai Lake naked carp resources increased by 5653.3 over the previous year growth of 16.95% tons.

related links

five seal Lake Qinghai Lake

experts, the growth of resources also Qinghai Lake Naked Carps in a slow growth period, only the amount of resources to reach 50 thousand to 70 thousand tons to enter a period of rapid growth. Therefore, in order to make the Qinghai Lake naked carp resources can be effectively restored, ensure the Qinghai Lake Ecological symbiotic system has benign circulation function of self recovery, but also need to continue to implement a lake fish breeding measures. According to the international of aquatic biological resources is restored to the original amount of resources can reach 50%, and ecological restoration technology standard of moderate use, according to the actual effect of the fourth Qinghai Lake sealed sterile lake fish and has made achievements in scientific research estimates, the amount of resources of Qinghai Lake Naked Carps restored to the original amount of resources 50%;

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How to make good use of the network to make money

business if you could make good use of the network will have good results. Now people are trying to improve their efficiency and "Taobao" appeared, a lot of people trying to find.

clothing mostly after 60, 70, 80, three generations have embraced China traditional thrifty life concept, sitting in front of the computer to make money business dress, convinced that "expensive clothing is not necessarily the most suitable!", so dress only sell to sell expensive "


read more

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Actively implement the policy of small and micro enterprises to do a good job of tax services

in accordance with the "notice" of Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on a number of policy measures issued in Qinghai province to support the development of small and micro enterprises in the city, Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall to actively implement the spirit of the document, to lighten the burden of small and micro enterprises, in order to improve the environment for the development of small and micro enterprises to promote the healthy development of small and micro enterprises as a mianbozhili. read more

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Xining landscaping ecological construction three highlights worth looking forward to

January 17th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks identified the focus of this year, in which the ecological construction of the three highlights worth looking forward to.

highlights: Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center in


focus on the greening of the environment, afforestation and greening of the ecological green barrier. The construction of the ecological green barrier is the key construction project of Xining in 11th Five-Year, and is also the focus of ecological civilization construction in Xining. In addition to this high standard to complete the twenty thousand acres of reforestation task, also started construction of nine spring ecological sightseeing experience Park and mount Taal sports experience Park, Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center in the park opened, the implementation of Pu Ning Zhizhu peripheral spring hills greening and beautification work. read more

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The 20 thousand angels took off from Xining medical school

November 3rd, the fourth session of the vocational skills competition venue moved to Xining health occupation technical school, the school hosted the health class in this competition a total of 8 events, 2 day period…… In recent years, the school has hosted in the province, city and county based nursing skills competition process, not only has accumulated rich experience in organizing major events, the school graduates were superb skills, practical talents become the major medical institutions in the province was robbed. read more

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Thank you Chinese police Xining police to help three Japanese tourists to get a passport

at 12 on January 5th, Xining City Public Security Bureau, the former police station to the East Branch of the police came to the three men, they looked flustered, saying the police can not understand the foreign language. It turned out that they were tourists from Japan, accidentally lost passport. Finally, the police to help them find a passport.

at that time, 3 men eager to speak Japanese, and hand gestures, looked very anxious. The director of the police immediately arrange contact Japanese translation, translation by asking that the three Japanese tourists in January 4th to take a long-distance bus to Xining, get off to register at a hotel that is equipped with three passport and bank card bag was gone, came to the police station. After multi search, two hours later, the police finally found in the car seat in the Japanese tourists lost packets. read more

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Xining this year the full implementation of the big urban management

city is a big family". How to take care of the house in good order, there is a good housekeeper is particularly important. The flowers and trees, brick by brick, are part of the family. In the city this big home management process, big city is undoubtedly the best housekeeper. So what is the big city? In January 6th, the two sessions in Xining, Xining urban management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Shi Jun as we read the big urban management".

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Shi Jun introduction, at present, big urban management model has been launched in the west of Xining City, north of the district two. This year, will be fully implemented in the Eastern District, central. In the future, municipal facilities, landscaping, sanitation, Luandaluanjian, river, environmental protection, public transportation, site management, farmers market, advertising signs, night lighting, construction waste disposal, public order management and other aspects of the city of Xining, will be unified into the city comprehensive management work. read more

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Qinghai Lake along the 9 parking will be welcoming

After a period of time, our province is about to enter the tourist blowout of the tourist season, the Qinghai Lake is a lot of tourists are longing for the place, in order to avoid the scenic traffic jam, dredging area surrounding traffic order, the Provincial Department of transportation and the Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau jointly, in the 109 National Day – Yueshan Daotanghe – Heimahe set along 9 parking lot. At present, the construction of 9 parking lot is like a raging fire, is expected by the end of April, 9 at the parking lot and put into use will provide nearly 2000 parking spaces. read more

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Qinghai Xining Ma Yongfu Sanya and nner Mongolia good teachers won praise

"I didn’t think about it at the time, I thought I was going to save people…… In fact, the rescue is easy, really very normal ordinary." Say this is Qinghai Xining Ma Yongfu.
at this critical moment, Ma Yongfu heard a shout for help. After hearing someone drowning, Liu Li about 60 meters away from the Ma Yongfu did not hesitate in the second time struggling to swim to the more than and 20, and reached out to the hands of the hands of the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Liu Li, who had been drinking half of the water, grabbed Ma Yongfu by the hand and threw his arms around the neck of the neck with a conscious effort to hold on to the neck of the body. With the help of Ma Yongfu and others, Liu Li finally returned to shore.

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Three city to create a Livable City West District

in the morning of May 2nd, 68 year old Dou Yuansheng old man came to the provincial capital Kirin Park morning exercise, he breathed the fresh air, listening to the gurgling sound of water in the park and cheerful birds, the mood is very comfortable. The success of the "news" and "create health city" "city" "Sen" to carry out the work, let the West District of Xining city more beautiful, livable city from getting closer.

create a city: residents have to benefit for the first read more

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Xining West Railway Station zero tolerance security risks

With the Spring Festival approaching in 2014, the security work of Xining West Railway Station is increasing day by day. During the Spring Festival to ensure that the Xining West Railway Station passenger drop orderly and stable security station, Xining station police station combined with the actual area, perform supervision and inspection duties fully, and the implementation of the "zero tolerance of Xining West Railway Station security risks during the spring festival". This is the reporter learned from the police station in Xining on January 14th. read more

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