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since the foreign culture into China, a lot of western culture has been widely recognized by the people, for example, the infiltration of Western food culture, making our daily life more diversified choice of food and beverage. The continuous exchange of Chinese and Western culture, so that baking pastry has become an integral part of the Chinese consumers in the life of the delicious dessert, for us to bring more delicious good time!

bakery industry product structure is becoming more and more reasonable, is bound to usher in greater prospects. In 30 years, the baking industry developing rapidly and gradually changed the small scale, single product structure, disorderly competition, baked pastry enterprise scale and intensive development, product structure is becoming more rational.

Diaosha bakery franchise market prospects?

bakery industry has a huge market, has an unprecedented development prospects. Baking industry is a new industry which has been developed since the reform and opening up, and it is a hot spot and a new growth point in China’s consumer goods.

bakery industry in the promotion of policy, the next 5 years to pursue health value, is the inevitable trend of the development of China’s market. Bakery industry in the future will face a broader market and better development environment.

2012 Chinese baked pastry industry realized a total industrial output value of 455 billion 430 million yuan, growth of 28.6% over the previous year, total product sales revenue 447 billion 280 million yuan, up 26.5% over the previous year, the cumulative total profit of 38 billion 530 million yuan. Over the past 5 years, China has become one of the fastest growing markets in the food industry in China, with an annual growth rate of 16%.

in Chinese investment baked pastry is already a very promising project, in this booming situation, Diaosha carrying a pure European Chinese baked pastry came to the market, bring new development opportunities for investors Chinese. According to the market and China baked pastry, Diaosha baking the use of successful experience for many years overseas Chinese combine the characteristics of the market launched a new business investment philosophy baked pastry. Many years of development in China have proved that baking is a very successful example of baking in china.

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