Do business but also consider the overall

due to the fierce competition in the business now, a lot of shopkeepers will form a vicious competition, which is not only detrimental to the development of shops, but also not conducive to the development of the industry as a whole. So, if it is to do business investment, we need to be able to consider the overall situation, so that the business will be truly prosperous development.

my supermarket is located in the center of the village. Later, the roadside village opened a small shop. Although there is a peer competition, but we have a good relationship between the two, and there is no price war. The store of goods are basically the same supply wholesalers, we have formulated a reasonable price, the careful maintenance of their customers, has been at peace.

2000, east of the village road and opened a supermarket, the village began to appear the price storm, many customers say the new supermarket commodity price is very cheap. The owner of the supermarket is my old customer, the relationship is very good, I will take the initiative to call her, I hope everyone through normal means of competition.

in the conversation, I learned that some suppliers in order to pull her new customers, deliberately gave her a lot of down the wholesale price, this is the case of a larger price gap. Originally, the supplier will fight for retail end customers and price war. After that, I will always be on the phone with the owner of the supermarket, to recommend some of their own understanding of the suppliers, and agreed on the price of goods.

once gave me the new supermarket store flagship phone, do not say to her shop to send Steamed Buns suppliers, hope my store Steamed Buns suppliers for her delivery, I promise, the Steamed Buns immediately notify the supplier. Unexpectedly, it was the village blame another shop: "you fool! She did not sell bread, we can not sell more?"

"that’s wrong. She does not sell bread at the moment, but it will never sell! If she find a Steamed Buns supplier, and we sell are not the same, some customers may hold "mentality, to her house to buy, our two businesses may be affected. Moreover, if her new supplier to do the bread is indeed better than we sell delicious, variety and more, then we will lose more tourists. Some customers will be able to buy some of the other goods to buy bread, you say the last loss is who? I think, should pay close attention to each other between peers, the money we earn together."

peers because of the relationship between competition, a lot of relationships are not very harmonious, however, if you always hold a competitive relationship mentality to do business, I am afraid their own development will be limited. As the saying goes, friends are friends. In the daily operation, and some businesses regard peers as enemies, hate to squeeze each other without a foothold. It is not sensible to do so. Do business should be the overall situation, and in order to make money. The same.