Hamburg to join the brand which to choose

in the food and beverage industry in both Western and Chinese food and beverage projects are the kind of rigid demand for products, such as China’s bread and buns in the breakfast program, and Western fast food is a representative of the Western rigid demand for food and beverage.

in the food and beverage industry, fast food has become a dark horse in a thriving! With the quickening pace of life, in people’s daily meals, not too much time, too much patience to wait for the chef cook, is to come to the point, eat, eat and go to fill the belly can be. Therefore, the fast food restaurant is always overcrowded, so not only the higher turnover rate, faster sales, but also greater sales, more profitable. American fast food with the rapid spread of western culture has been generally accepted by the people, Beck Hamburg is the Chinese people to create their own American fast food brands. Bican de Ki Macdonald more delicious nutrition, more affordable, with a number of loyal fans. Burger burger Beck.

burger to join the brand to choose which good? Xiao Bian recommended for you Beck hamburg.

Hamburg which brand to join? Beck Hamburg speaks with strength

Beck hamburger hamburger chain began to engage in business has already has a complete system of the franchise since 2000, Beck Hamburg International Chain in good faith to you and me, never hit a record high, positive and pragmatic, quality service "business philosophy, and strive to create a new brand of Chinese western fast food chain, we, R & D, production, service as one of the comprehensive unified recruit agents and franchisees. Beck burger has its own market in the country.

Beck Hamburg operates standard stores and flagship stores in different regions, has opened the road all the necessary national Beck burger restaurant business, stop the franchisee to bribe the cost unnecessary cost of these pathways. Beck opened a hamburger shop to open stores, burger, fried chicken, milk shop, ice cream shop, cold stores, many stores, store more investment, more is to allow you to store more rich, into the store consumption, people can make money to shop in hamburg.

Beck Hamburg headquarters to give each of the practitioners to provide business spree, are in the technology, training, shop sales promotion to join each of the services.

1. distribution advantage: Beck’s headquarters in Hamburg is located in the center of Chinese blue economic circle and the the Yellow River Delta economic circle of Ji’nan springs, convenient transportation, logistics and distribution covering the whole country, as long as a phone of our franchisees, our distribution center will soon put the goods sent to your local.

2. advertising advantage: the company according to the different regional consumption environment, for the League to develop different advertising programs and tracking the store’s operating conditions, to provide timely advertising design, planning and creativity.