Snow ice cream preferably running business with a small capital to join the whole

like ice cream so the project, no doubt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. Because, join the ice cream project, less cost but can quickly return to this. How about running snow ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, what are you still hesitating?

St. snow ice cream to make money?

St. snow ice cream after several years of development, the brand famous at home and abroad, in Asia, Europe and the United States have outlets, bustling. Many mainland stores have begun to take shape, consumers flocked to the brand to become synonymous with sweet. The sale is a kind of healthy and recreational life style, sell more precious youth taste.

join policy:

first, the company will use holidays, anniversary date, etc., to provide promotional advertising or unified deployment of promotional programs, and free distribution of POP, leaflets, promotional gifts, etc..

two, the company will continue to develop new formulations, new technologies, new series of research and development, agents are free of charge to obtain the latest research and development of the company, in response to the market in a timely manner to maintain a competitive advantage.

three, monopoly safeguard: the company strictly control the number of regional cooperation, a certain region only authorized agents, to ensure that investors in the region monopoly, to avoid vicious competition between the shops, let the shops to long-term profitability and healthy development.


district protection commitment: headquarters to assist the district assessment, site selection, registration and guidance; unified store decoration design; the entire shop output, free distribution of special equipment and supplies shop opened; supervision, during the agency opened shop in the work of skilled workers can be assigned.

five, training commitment: headquarters for franchisees to provide a set of system operation skills training, marketing training, to ensure that investors quickly.