The store customer reception method to the whole t differs from man to man

the same way, the customer is applicable, but another customer may not be applicable, after all, each customer’s personality is different, the demand is different, the reception method naturally need to be different. In a word, the method of receiving customers in the shop needs to be different from person to person, so that the business of the shop will be guaranteed.

do business pay attention to "open the door to accept", literally can see, this "open" is very important. People have phototaxis, love to bright and clean store shopping. Just imagine, if all the shop door ajar, indoor lights dim, I’m afraid your salesperson must first be sleepy straws, it is easy to produce "it is not at rest, do not want to open the feeling after the customer. Therefore, under normal circumstances, to try to open the door, so that pedestrians have a kind of popular feeling.

customers into the store, does not mean that this single business can be made, which depends on the needs of customers, on the other hand, to a large extent also depends on the owner’s reception strategy.

many shopkeepers believe that in any case, the guests should be as enthusiastic as possible. This is usually the business is helpful, but there are exceptions, I believe many people are in the mall because of unbearable introduction, this guide closely recommends the experience and fled.

cigarette marketing, enthusiasm is not a bad thing, but also because of the enthusiasm of different people. Under normal circumstances, the customer can be divided into two types of active and silent, no matter what kind of customer, since entering the store, there must be his purpose.

active customer strong purpose, after entering the shop usually went straight to the counter, eager to find the target, take the customer, the owner should take the attitude of enthusiasm first time to ask each other’s needs, otherwise, the customer will have a feeling of being left out. In addition, the owner can not be free from their own point of view, to recommend the other side of the brand or other related products, so that customers do not feel comfortable, their demands are ignored.

silent type customers into the store generally do not speak, but in a leisurely manner to browse the goods and treat the customers, we must give enough time and space to avoid in the other found himself interested in too much before intervention, so that they have to reject, lead to business failure or success but although buy a bad impression, no longer patronize.

as a shopkeeper, even if the customer’s personality can not touch a clear, just blindly in accordance with their own ideas to receive customers, which is bound to have a very negative impact on the business development of the store. So, if you want to successy open a shop, the shop reception of customers must grasp the way oh.