Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Second Xining west highway bridge span box girder was blue

day before the cast-in-situ box second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway safety to Xining Lanxi highway bridge across the last hole 900 ton high beam girder falling construction completed. Marks the successful completion of the box girder bridge, which lays the foundation for further construction of ballastless track and next year in January 1st in Lanzhou to Xining section of track laying construction.

second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway length of 1776 kilometers, through Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces. Peace to Xining is one of the main engineering section of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double line in our province. The bridge is one of the most important, the total length of 2708.17 meters, a total of 76 piers, the construction is very difficult. After repeated research and demonstration of technical personnel, and finally the use of high – level precast layered beam construction project, the successful completion of the construction of the large bridge box girder.

the new construction of the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Ganqing section is the national grade one double electrified railway, the design speed of 200 km. The line will be built in Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang to form a new large capacity rapid rail transport corridor, and both the Lan Xin railway basically parallel to form parallel pattern, at the same time and Longhai, Lan Yu, Baotou Lanzhou, Qinghai Tibet line together constitute the Western Railway network. (author: Ni Xiaoying)