North 2 million fund to support small and micro enterprises

this year, the city to take positive and effective measures, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund to fully support the development of small and micro enterprises.

Preferential policies and measures

Chengbei District conscientiously implement the national and provincial and municipal support Small and micro businesses development, expand the number of support Small and micro businesses, promote Small and micro businesses "expansion", combined with the actual area, according to local conditions, accelerate the hatching a batch of production and processing, plant breeding, sightseeing agriculture, commerce, tourism, service catering accommodation Small and micro businesses, the development of rural cooperatives, efforts to expand the number of Small and micro businesses. At the same time, increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, the establishment of silver enterprise cooperation docking platform, the establishment of 2 million yuan investment guarantee fund guide, strengthen cooperation docking with banks, small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation, to help support the development of Small and micro businesses; relying on the biological park expansion of park land acquisition, Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management, increase with the city land, planning department cohesion, create Small and micro businesses North Park and incubator, encourage Small and micro businesses to carry out technical cooperation and supporting products focus on industries and enterprises in the park, the formation of new special expertise in Small and micro businesses group, continuously improve the competitiveness of Small and micro businesses. (author: Zhang Yan Qingqing)