Adjustment of vocational skills training subsidies

In November 11th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that in order to improve the urban and rural labor skill training in our province fine, standardized management, human resources and social security department, the finance department, issued the "Qinghai province occupation skills (short-term) training and entrepreneurship training work time and subsidy standards", the province current occupation skill training subsidy standards were integrated adjustment.

it is understood that the integration of adjustment, cancel the training level limits, the future is no longer set the level of skill training, only need to determine the subsidy standards in accordance with the type of work, for all the actual, according to different groups in different levels of training; improve the subsidy low work subsidies. There are 22 types of insufficient subsidy standard 400 yuan per capita, the unified adjustment increased to 400 yuan, to ensure the training run expenses; improve the poor areas, in the training class and subsidies. The new standards, six states and six mountain area of the training class and the subsidy standard float up to 10%, increase financial support to these areas attract training resources to carry out urban and rural labor skill training; increase the "improve your business" and "skills and entrepreneurship" aid workers.

at the same time, our province has set up a "business + business", "Hand-Pulled Noodle engineering + business" and "Nongjiale + business" three suitable for our province actual enterprise training work, to further enhance the effectiveness of training support entrepreneurship promotion employment.