Migrant workers owed heavy fines

recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development in accordance with the law on 2014 serious arrears of wages of migrant workers in construction enterprises were punished. The construction enterprises for internal management and other reasons, can not be timely payment of wages for migrant workers, or migrant workers Taoxin not actively respond to treatment, buck passing, led to many migrant workers Taoxin collective petition, serious impact on social stability.
to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, maintain social harmony and stability, to create a good environment of construction market, according to the relevant laws and regulations and the relevant policies, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction according to the law to make clear of the province’s construction market penalties for Hubei Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd., Fujian New Century Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhongtai construction group Limited by Share Ltd; make re approved qualification punishment in Qinghai province Hongxing Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. and other 3 enterprises; on the basis of Qinghai Province Geological Engineering Construction Corporation and other 8 enterprises in the province within the scope of criticism; of arrears of wages for migrant workers in Yushu post disaster reconstruction in Qinghai Jianxiang Engineering Co., Ltd. and other 4 companies to be put forward the follow-up work after the completion of further processing decisions.