Lantie via Xining into the Hexi Corridor in our province this year will enter the era of high speed

"in the provincial government’s leadership and positive efforts, the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway will pass through Xining into the Hexi Corridor, which makes Qinghai really into the national high-speed rail network."

provincial development and Reform Commission Director Wu Haikun in the province of NPC and CPPCC on group discussion said happily, with the Qinghai high speed rail era this year, the province’s passenger and freight capacity will fully enhance the economic and social development will be more rapid.

this year, our province in addition to fully completed second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway and Xining Railway Station renovation project, the province has entered the era of high-speed railway, it will also implement traffic engineering construction, covering the province’s towns, extension of highway transportation system, inside and outside the smooth country. Focus on improving the urban road network in the eastern part of the city, start the construction of the highway along the Yellow River, and promote the construction of the highway linking the north and the Hexi Corridor, accelerate the implementation of the highway project in the south of Qinghai Province, and realize the basic expressway of Yushu. Construction of the Yellow River waterway engineering. Get through the tunnel, speed up the Qinghai Tibet line. To speed up the construction of railway construction Railway GD Tseng, grid library, start fish card to Yiliping two local railway, advancing West, grid into preparatory work for railway. The Delingha Airport, Huatugou Airport, Qilian Airport flight, to speed up the construction progress of guoluo. Promote the two phase of Golmud Airport expansion and Qinghai Lake airport preliminary work. Increase Xining, Yushu airport passenger and cargo routes at home and abroad, the province’s civil aviation passenger throughput exceeded 4 million passengers. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway as key national railway construction projects, drawn from the LanZhou West Railway Station in Lanzhou hub, the Huangshui River back to Xining, crossing the Daban mountain and Qilian mountain in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province, Zhangye, Jiuquan, through Jiayuguan, Xinjiang, Hami introduced into the Urumchi Railway Station in Turpan City, northwest of Gansu, China, across Qinghai, Xinjiang three line, the line length of 1776 km, a total of 31 stations, is China’s first high-speed railway construction in high altitude areas, the design speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour.

approved by the national development and Reform Commission in August 2009, and in the same year in November officially started construction. After the completion of the project will form a new channel in the new large capacity rail lines, to achieve fast passenger transport in Xinjiang and other western regions and the mainland connections, and make both the Lan Xin railway freight transport capacity to be released.