A good place for tourists praising the flowers of Datong

"These days, we climbed the mountain to the master, Guanghui temple, still kite ditch farmyard taste vegetable farm, goddess mountain scenery is charming, Datong is really a beauty everywhere is a good place for leisure tourism." July Datong, green shady, flowers everywhere, and now here besides the charming qishanxiushui, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the country also added a new landscape for the beautiful datong.

"Hehuang flower" in the birthplace of Datong County, the winter cold, summer without heat, beautiful environment, the forest coverage rate reached 38.1%, ranking first in the province, the total 690 million cubic meters of water, bear more than 75% of the city water supply in Xining City, is an important water source conservation base in the province. The unique plateau climate and beautiful forest ecological environment, known as the summer capital of ecological park, is summer resort, winter shangxue ski paradise. In recent years, the profound humanistic landscape in Datong County, rich and colorful folk customs, the Hui people’s banquet song, Tu people, Zhao Nadun festival dance, wheels autumn folk customs and verdant natural ecology, modern agriculture and industry base together, now constitute a beautiful, amazing new datong.