Bureau of transportation public transportation adjustment six questions

Urban public transport lines will be adjusted for a wide range of public information on the issue of public concern, why should be adjusted?" "What is the change after adjustment?" Line changes will not cause inconvenience to travel?" "Does it take more time to transfer?" "Transfer will not increase travel costs?" And so on the question from the city in recent days to come to the evening news of the public political hotline, for this reason, the reporter linked to the deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation Guo Rui, on the issue of public concern in detail.

[attention: why should adjust]


[attention two: adjust what changes]


form bus line more perfect network

the Gongjiaoxianwang adjustment to adhere to the "line to go with, improve access rate, improve coverage, improve operational efficiency, reduce line repetition rate, reduce non linear coefficient principle, optimization of the" main line – trunk feeder and micro circulation link "three tier network layout, meet the residents along the line line level work, go to school, taking into account the cultural life, travel demand.With the implementation of

[three: attention line change will not cause inconvenience to travel]


to meet the travel needs of the people and then adjustedThe