Four road network connecting the Silk Road Economic Zone

Government work report, this year to actively integrate into the Silk Road Economic Zone, and strive to build our province into a strategic base and important fulcrum of the new Silk Road, accelerate the establishment of transportation backbone network. So, this year, the province’s traffic in the construction of what the big move? This reporter interviewed the provincial people’s Congress, director of the Department of transportation Han Jianhua.

Han Jianhua analysis Silk Road Economic Belt highway network into an accelerated our province as a newspaper reporter: to speed up the comprehensive transportation as the focus, the new Xunhua along the the Yellow River channel to the longwuxia gorge four highway network, comprehensively promote the eastern city group as the center of Xining and along the the Yellow River highway, channel six Panshan centralized traffic contiguous poor areas and projects in our province to the ancient Silk Road, the main skeleton Lianhuo expressway connecting line.

road network   Gansu, Qinghai will be more intimate

along the the Yellow River channel G310 Xunhua to longwuxia gorge, vigorously and mountain (provincial) to Xunhua section of highway sections of national highway network planning G310 Lianyungang to the Republic of the highway project construction, will further improve our province in the national highway network, to strengthen communication links between Gansu and Qinghai, the regional road network structure optimization and the development and utilization of the economic belt along the Yellow river.

[route from start to stop] Xunhua to the service gap road from Xunhua county east side of Clear Water Bay, only in the long service gap, a total length of 40.7 km. To add the mountain (provincial) to Xunhua highway in strong Canadian mountain, beyond Xunhua county east side of Clear Water Bay, a total length of 53.4 km.

road network two   to help the development of the eastern region

six Panshan poverty alleviation project Kawaguchi to dahejia (provincial), and people (Gansu circles) to Xiaoxia (peace), zed ditch to nianbotown town road is the road traffic planning department key poverty alleviation projects related to the project will promote the six mountain area of Eastern poverty-stricken area of our province development and poverty alleviation planning and implementation.


] to the river route from Kawaguchi home (provincial) highway from people and city center Sichuan Road and Sichuan Road four yuan yuan level, stop at the home town of river the Yellow River bridge on the north side of the bridge, a total length of 69 km. And the people (Gansu circles) to Xiaoxia (peace) in the village on the north side of Gansu road in Honggu District, ending in Xiaoxia interchange and I Bayi Road intersection, a total length of 118 km. Zed ditch to nianbotown town highway in Huzhu County Mizoguchi zed connected with S302, ending at Ledu County nianbotown town bridge north, about 63 km.

road network three   eastern city group more smooth

S102 Xining city link by the peace to Datong Road to the eastern city of mutual aid group within the highway network of Xining Beltway link sections, to promote Xining as the center of the eastern city group planning construction area.

[] from the start and end line mutual Ping’an County Haidong City Road and the people and to a small gorge road level crossing, stop in Datong County Jingyang Town, connected with the rhubarb Road, about 84 km.

road network four   access;