Open the door to allow people to participate in planning recognition

Wang Yubo presided over the Executive Council of the city will continue to strive to maximize the efficiency of decentralization through the decentralization of the city to become the highest pollution prevention Xining blue into the people’s well-being

April 24th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government forty-fourth executive meeting, considered the "Xining Municipal People’s government decided to cancel and adjust administrative approval directory", "Xining urban planning regulations (Draft)", "Xining City motor vehicle exhaust pollution control management measures" and other issues.

the meeting pointed out that in 2014, the city’s administrative examination and approval system reform as a breakthrough, cancel the adjustment and decentralization of administrative approval items 229, reduced to 130 municipal approval, at least in the capital city of Northwest china. Reform dividend in the development of a strong reflection. The meeting stressed that further promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, increasing decentralization efforts is the inevitable requirement of comprehensive deepening of reform, the city should continue through the decentralization, strive to become the country’s administrative approval at least, and the highest efficiency and innovation environment the best city. Meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should earnestly implement the economic situation, a quarter of the spirit of the meeting, to promote the reform and innovation of economic stability Zhiyuan line, in order to expand the reform of administrative examination and approval system for the main body of the market to create a good investment environment, constantly stimulate endogenous motivation of development. Various departments of the list of rights and responsibilities in a timely manner to the public in the government portal website, update, accept the strong supervision of the community. To innovative services and regulatory approach, decentralization is not responsible. Not only do the power put into place, but also to ensure that the responsibility can not be reduced, not loose, to perform public services, ecological protection, market regulation, safety supervision and other statutory duties. Unable to manage service blind area.

meeting stressed that urban and rural planning and construction management reflects the fairness and justice of society, reflecting the government’s administrative ability and level. All localities and departments should conscientiously implement the provincial, city planning and construction management work conference spirit, adhere to the guide to make up the short board, the problem and solve problems, improve the grade of the city. To continue to improve the urban and rural planning and construction management of democratization, scientific level. We must be based on the long term, adhere to the strategic concept, people-oriented concept, landscape view, context, the rule of law, good planning, but also to open the door to do the planning, so that the masses involved, so that the masses recognized. To strengthen the planning of the publicity, the implementation of efforts to strengthen the community generally comply with the plan, in strict accordance with the planning of the consciousness of the work, to strengthen the legal authority of planning.

meeting stressed the depth of motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control work, is the full implementation of the State Environmental Protection Law, to further promote energy conservation and emission reduction, continuous improvement of the quality of the atmospheric environment needs. All regions and departments should continue to strengthen awareness of pollution control law, to ensure that pollution control work of the rule of law, standardization, normalization. To fully grasp the yellow car out of work, strict delineation of the scope of the yellow car limit line, strict management, to complete the task of eliminating the Yellow car. To seriously organize the implementation of the Xining motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and management measures to further promote the comprehensive management of air pollution, so that the Xining blue become the greatest well-being of people’s livelihood;