How to make good use of the network to make money

business if you could make good use of the network will have good results. Now people are trying to improve their efficiency and "Taobao" appeared, a lot of people trying to find.

clothing mostly after 60, 70, 80, three generations have embraced China traditional thrifty life concept, sitting in front of the computer to make money business dress, convinced that "expensive clothing is not necessarily the most suitable!", so dress only sell to sell expensive "


source and accumulation of many clothing opened a area of tens of thousands of logistics and warehousing center flat, equipped with advanced management software, so that the clothing very quick delivery, a few minutes to complete the whole process, and the combination of well-known logistics company, a few days can reach all parts of the country, and deep into the town so, partners of goods.

because of their purchase back you have to face a lot of things, first, take pictures, on the Internet a popular product, image processing technology it is first-rate, baby description is very attractive, second, third, promotion, sales experience, first shop, you are certainly not the network sales experience, so the experience takes a long time to accumulate in practice, even if you are in the real society sales experience is first-rate, but in the network can not. Before the start of the best to have a certain planning, planning what? This is why you open shop, want to develop to what extent, want from a small shop to develop into a well-known business enterprise,, like the first shop, Chinese C2C market the first shop, this is the highest degree of credit market "," lemon Green Tea shop it is from a small shop to become hundreds of people in the team, the annual turnover of 100 million, so this must be ready.

is earlier have a successful person told me a word, he said, as long as your goal is to earn ten million a year, even if you do not earn so much that at that time, but it will be close to this figure. That’s what it means! But it is not the target set too high, for example, more than Bill. What Li Jiacheng, who is the environmental impact of many factors of success. So the goal must be clear, if you just want to open a shop to play, then forget this idea.