Xining landscaping ecological construction three highlights worth looking forward to

January 17th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks identified the focus of this year, in which the ecological construction of the three highlights worth looking forward to.

highlights: Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center in


focus on the greening of the environment, afforestation and greening of the ecological green barrier. The construction of the ecological green barrier is the key construction project of Xining in 11th Five-Year, and is also the focus of ecological civilization construction in Xining. In addition to this high standard to complete the twenty thousand acres of reforestation task, also started construction of nine spring ecological sightseeing experience Park and mount Taal sports experience Park, Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center in the park opened, the implementation of Pu Ning Zhizhu peripheral spring hills greening and beautification work.

highlights two: increase urban green coverage

urban construction projects as a breakthrough, through the green stamp to increase the coverage rate of urban green space. Street Park, street reconstruction and construction as the focus, the formation of full coverage, three-dimensional, multi network of large green pattern. In the whole process of planning, construction and management of the green, green management and strengthen the planning examination and approval system, the implementation of the project of the green line tracking, project control and implementation of regular supervision and inspection, to ensure the engineering construction of green and sustainable development of urban greening. Years to complete the renovation of 71 Road, Dongguan Street, bridge street street; new or renovated Street garden 10, 15 garden transformation unit attached green space; some abandoned or unused land for temporary city construction in urban green space; the implementation of Pingxi expressway, West Tower on both sides of highway landscape forest construction, the construction of green landscape avenue.

highlights three: to promote the integration of urban and rural greening

vigorously carry out activities to enrich the village green civilization, improve the village appearance. Combined with the construction of new socialist countryside, help the county, township greening planning and technical guidance, 20 pilot villages focus on the construction of green landscaping, accelerate the construction of village greening and afforestation and farmland protection forest, the township by the city, to accelerate the integration of urban and rural greening, make Xining become more prosperous, more beautiful the Tibetan Plateau, more livable modern city center. (author:

  and CuO);