The 20 thousand angels took off from Xining medical school

November 3rd, the fourth session of the vocational skills competition venue moved to Xining health occupation technical school, the school hosted the health class in this competition a total of 8 events, 2 day period…… In recent years, the school has hosted in the province, city and county based nursing skills competition process, not only has accumulated rich experience in organizing major events, the school graduates were superb skills, practical talents become the major medical institutions in the province was robbed.

Xining medical school is a contest winner

Xining medical school has always attached great importance to the students’ practical training, in addition to select and organize students to participate in all levels of province, city and county skills competition, full participation of teachers and students are often organized school skills competition. In 2010, in 2011, provincial, city and county levels of basic nursing skills competition, the school won the first prize 40, two prize, the three prize, such as the 98 prize, the first prize of the 72. Successfully hosted the 2010, in 2011 the province’s basic nursing skills competition, and for two consecutive years on behalf of the players to participate in the National Games in Qinghai Province, won 2 prize in the three, the award of the top 3. For ten consecutive years, the city’s rural doctors to carry out the skills competition, highly praised by the provincial health department.

open the city vocational school entrance examination freshmen

skills competition, a strong impetus to the formation of a virtuous cycle of the development of the school, so that the school enrollment and employment to achieve a win-win situation, the employment rate of over 98% per year, the annual enrollment of over 1000 people. 2012, the school through the selection of merit admitted freshmen, opened a new school enrollment in Vocational schools. At present, the school has initially formed a Chinese herbal medicine production and processing of integrated industrial chain, has reached a cooperation agreement with the Xining First People’s Hospital and other 35 grade two hospitals. The use of existing resources, the establishment of school outpatient department. "Teaching – Learning – practice", "production and education" base has become the main position of the school training of skilled personnel.

for our province to train more than 20 thousand angels in white

in recent years, Xining medical school to take "hanging on the cross coupled radiation" education mode, and in the county, provincial and domestic and foreign universities, vocational schools and medical institutions to carry out extensive education, improve the level of running a school, education level and training ability of students. According to statistics, since the establishment of the school, the school has been trained for the community, the delivery of more than 20 thousand primary health care professionals in the past nearly three years, the province’s primary health care institutions training shortage of technical personnel of more than 4 thousand people…… Today, many people have become the backbone of the grassroots health front, experts and entrepreneurs.

connotation of the extraordinary strength of the school building

was founded in 1976 by the Xining medical school, the province is only a health class in secondary vocational school, is a provincial key occupation school, the third batch of national secondary occupation education reform and development project school. In recent years, the school has changed the scale expansion to quality and efficiency, in order to realize the enrollment shift to promote employment, the personnel training mode, running mode and teaching mode of profound change, the implementation of "credit system";