Thank you Chinese police Xining police to help three Japanese tourists to get a passport

at 12 on January 5th, Xining City Public Security Bureau, the former police station to the East Branch of the police came to the three men, they looked flustered, saying the police can not understand the foreign language. It turned out that they were tourists from Japan, accidentally lost passport. Finally, the police to help them find a passport.

at that time, 3 men eager to speak Japanese, and hand gestures, looked very anxious. The director of the police immediately arrange contact Japanese translation, translation by asking that the three Japanese tourists in January 4th to take a long-distance bus to Xining, get off to register at a hotel that is equipped with three passport and bank card bag was gone, came to the police station. After multi search, two hours later, the police finally found in the car seat in the Japanese tourists lost packets.

when three people saw the police took the parcel in front of them, they don’t use skilled China words and said: "thank you, Chinese police……"