Xining this year the full implementation of the big urban management

city is a big family". How to take care of the house in good order, there is a good housekeeper is particularly important. The flowers and trees, brick by brick, are part of the family. In the city this big home management process, big city is undoubtedly the best housekeeper. So what is the big city? In January 6th, the two sessions in Xining, Xining urban management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Shi Jun as we read the big urban management".

big urban management tube width

Shi Jun introduction, at present, big urban management model has been launched in the west of Xining City, north of the district two. This year, will be fully implemented in the Eastern District, central. In the future, municipal facilities, landscaping, sanitation, Luandaluanjian, river, environmental protection, public transportation, site management, farmers market, advertising signs, night lighting, construction waste disposal, public order management and other aspects of the city of Xining, will be unified into the city comprehensive management work.

digital improve disposal efficiency

in the big urban management pattern, the maintenance of a large urban roads, small to a manhole management, will be included in the unified management of urban areas.

Shi Jun said, Xining city will establish a digital city management information platform, the city municipal facilities, to a building, to a small tree, have their own independent encoding, as long as the input of the encoding, you can find its name, through the digital city management information system status, Department, accurate position information. Once the command center received a report or information gathering is a reflection of the people concerned about the hot and difficult problem of city management, are available through this encoding lock, problems assigned to the responsible units, to discover and solve the problem the first time.

integrate the functions of each department

no one tube, multi tube, tube is not good, the traditional division of the Department, the law enforcement and management of compartmentalization, law enforcement forces scattered, has been a problem in urban management." Shi Jun said, "big city" will also be on the various departments function adjustment, involving multi management or unmanned, cross function and responsibility of city management matters, according to the law review, a centralized management unit, establish a new system of city management is relatively concentrated ", realize the city management of seamless, full coverage of responsibility.

law enforcement will be more reasonable, standardized

In fact, in addition to big

how the operation is a matter of public concern, the big urban management mechanism, the staff of the law enforcement will be changed, but also the focus of public concern. According to Shi Jun introduction, in the "big city" pattern, the administrative law enforcement system will improve the good behavior, clear responsibilities, effective supervision, safeguard and departments jointly participate in the construction, and full coverage of the grid, all-weather normalization, strip and block the integration of "big city" pattern. Therefore, the big city law enforcement officers on the overall quality of higher requirements, law enforcement will be more rational and standardized.