Qinghai Lake along the 9 parking will be welcoming

After a period of time, our province is about to enter the tourist blowout of the tourist season, the Qinghai Lake is a lot of tourists are longing for the place, in order to avoid the scenic traffic jam, dredging area surrounding traffic order, the Provincial Department of transportation and the Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau jointly, in the 109 National Day – Yueshan Daotanghe – Heimahe set along 9 parking lot. At present, the construction of 9 parking lot is like a raging fire, is expected by the end of April, 9 at the parking lot and put into use will provide nearly 2000 parking spaces.

block! Affect Qinghai Lake good mood

With the continuous spread of

great beauty Qinghai brand, is driving the team as the "dream sapphire" Qinghai Lake influx across the country, resulting in the Qinghai Lake scenic spots around the road traffic surge, many foreign tourists long time stuck in traffic, good mood moment is extinguished, greatly reduced the beauty image of Qinghai. The second half of last year, the province focused on planning the road leading to the scenic Qinghai Lake, the transformation plan for the 109 National Road – Riyue mountain Daotang River – the black horse along the river, every 5 kilometers will be set at a parking lot, is to make the road in the area surrounding the visitors parking convenient, secure camera. In addition, in order to provide tourists with supplies, plans to build a leisure station every 10 kilometers along the way, so that more tourists in the journey comfortable travel.

9 parking lot to accommodate nearly 2000 vehicles

recently, reporters from the provincial transportation department, Qinghai Lake scenic tourist season in order to solve the traffic jam problem, after repeated investigation, the provincial transportation departments and Qinghai Lake scenic area management bureau puts forward the following proposal, the construction of two four 6 parking lot at 109 State Road, State Road 109 line: K2080+800 built a small parking lot; 109 National Highway K2086+500 built a small parking lot; 109 National Highway K2091+600 built a small parking lot; 109 National Highway K2095+800 built a large parking lot; 109 National Highway K2100 built a small parking lot; 109 National Highway K2102+700 built a large parking lot.

In addition,

, in the Lake Road on the west to set up 3 large parking lot, specifically: K0+000 at West Lake Township on the east side of the dark horse town, built a large parking lot, covers an area of 3000 square meters; West Lake K9+000, built a large parking lot, covers an area of 1600 square meters; West Lake K22+900. The construction of a large parking lot, covers an area of 1600 square meters. The provincial transportation department staff, in the parking lot, a small parking lot can accommodate 100 parking spaces, bus 5 cars, 95 cars; a large parking lot can accommodate 300 parking spaces, bus 10 cars, 290 cars, the 9 parking lot will greatly ease the peak scenic road vehicles traffic, greatly improve the efficiency of tourists travel.