Three city to create a Livable City West District

in the morning of May 2nd, 68 year old Dou Yuansheng old man came to the provincial capital Kirin Park morning exercise, he breathed the fresh air, listening to the gurgling sound of water in the park and cheerful birds, the mood is very comfortable. The success of the "news" and "create health city" "city" "Sen" to carry out the work, let the West District of Xining city more beautiful, livable city from getting closer.

create a city: residents have to benefit for the first

"create a city" is to improve the living standards of the people, improve the quality of life of the people." This is the west district "create city" purpose, but also the ultimate goal. In March this year, the west district held a "creative city" to tackle the mobilization, mobilization meeting, arranged a street, "smooth traffic project", to create "15 minutes convenient service circle, carrying out microwave Lane 20 street lanes of the street, a reasonable set of sanitation workers resting places such as the number of ten livelihood projects, the purpose is to let 240 thousand residents benefit in" creative city ".

not only that, west of the city, the city will also work to establish a long-term mechanism, starting from the doll. During the "creative city", West District will be held with courtesy "social class, deed, do Festival tabloid, online offering martyrs, learn Lei Feng and virtues of youth, during the period of eleven to salute the flag online signature message and innocence to the party singing theme activities.

"Sen Sen": reach out and touch nature

to create a national forest city, for a city’s influence, competitiveness has extraordinary significance. At present, the Xining "Sen" work is being carried out in an orderly manner. On the west side of the District, to carry out the work has a good ecological basis. In recent years, the west area of investment in afforestation and ecological protection continues to increase, urban river management and landscaping achieved remarkable results, the region’s green coverage has reached 37%.

in the specific Sen work, the west district will do a good job in the construction of new and renovated campus greening, to ensure that the new campus green rate of more than 40%. Will do a good job in the construction of new roads and projects supporting green, road crown coverage of not less than 25%. We will focus on the development of forestry industry, the protection and utilization of resources, the popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements, and the construction of ecological civilization. Will promote the theme park, street green, small garden, waterfront green space, courtyard, roads, rivers and other shelter forest landscape construction. It will guide the society to develop the forestry industry, which is mainly composed of seedling, flower, characteristic economic forest and ecological tourism.

create healthy urban areas: everyone enjoys a healthy

"we all want to be physically and mentally healthy. Right now, we’re not going to do it alone, because we have a better environment for a healthy life." This year, the city of Xining to start the construction of healthy cities in the whole society advocate attention to life, enjoy life, have a healthy lifestyle, designed to achieve a goal through a series of initiatives to achieve the goal of everyone. West district rapid response, and developed a specific implementation;