Xining West Railway Station zero tolerance security risks

With the Spring Festival approaching in 2014, the security work of Xining West Railway Station is increasing day by day. During the Spring Festival to ensure that the Xining West Railway Station passenger drop orderly and stable security station, Xining station police station combined with the actual area, perform supervision and inspection duties fully, and the implementation of the "zero tolerance of Xining West Railway Station security risks during the spring festival". This is the reporter learned from the police station in Xining on January 14th.

at the beginning of January, Xining police station police were judged on investigation and analysis of the situation in the spring of this year, and carried out a series of preparatory work, repeated deduction for various conditions that may arise in advance, and on this basis to formulate and improve the transportation security work plan. On the one hand, the police in the normalization of line patrol on the basis of the increase of line density and frequency, improve the line to see alarm rate and charge rate, timely rectification of all types of illegal construction, urge the rectification of various types of equipment problems, eliminate pedestrians on the road, endangering traffic safety incidents. On the other hand, to each unit, station internal luggage and crowded places as the focus, strict supervision units to implement the cargo security channel, locking and fire safety and other safety management system. The prominent masses of all kinds of problems such as illegal operation of the station, the police station and the west station operators signed a law-abiding business responsibility guarantee letter.

in addition, for the protection of large passenger flow and bad weather condition of Xining West Railway Station operating orderly, station police station will also take the police followed the passenger to go "principle, reasonable distribution of the police station, key parts into effective control.