Xining to carry out 2 months of livestock and poultry slaughtering rectification special action

Hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. In October 23rd, reporters from the city of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, for the protection of people eat meat, Xining from November onwards for a period of 2 months of livestock and poultry slaughtering special rectification action, the city’s livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises to conduct a comprehensive rectification of the illegal establishment of livestock and poultry slaughter points in the field of clean and resolutely ban.

rectification action process, will not "slaughter permit", "animal epidemic prevention certificate", "discharge permit" and other related procedures of slaughterhouses were shut down in accordance with the law. At the same time, the existing license is not complete, but the authorities have been accepted; quality inspection management system production is not established, the acquisition is not a quarantine certificate and identification of livestock and poultry slaughter; anti pollution sewage facilities do not meet, or not in normal operation; mortality (harm) of livestock and poultry products harmless treatment facilities do not meet, or not normal use these problems; slaughtering enterprises, import product registration system is not perfect, the problems of the enterprise, the deadline for rectification.