Xining departments drying out power list

Recently, as long as you log on to the Xining municipal government website, you can see the list of administrative examination and approval items in the home page. Click to enter, the municipal government departments to retain the current administrative approval list, namely "power list" at a glance; continue to click into the project page, each subject of implementation, examination and approval of the approval of the object, set the basis for charges, the materials required to be submitted, the contractor departments and contact telephone are detailed. This is the capital of Qinghai for the first time, drying out power list flashed power family property, it is an important step to promote the transformation of government functions, deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system.

"power list" to ensure a fair and transparent, without aliasing, each city organization department for examination and approval departments have set up corresponding code reserved. On account of the laws and regulations department if changes need to change the project, must be reported to the Municipal Office audit, it is strictly prohibited to change the project. It is reported that in the second half of this year, the city will be organized by the Department of the central and provincial spiritual requirements, the power list and then focus on a clean-up, and then to cancel, adjust a number of administrative examination and approval items. At the same time, will also study the establishment of administrative examination and approval of the matter in the post regulatory mechanism, out of the past, a place on the chaos, a chaos on the land, a dead "vicious circle," the tube, put "two wheels to ensure the achievement of the reform go hand in hand, lock, do not rebound. Xining municipal government will be announced this "power list" as an opportunity, in the reform of administrative examination and approval system in the future, to the public for the first, the better for the public, directly rely on social forces to promote reform, for those who are not good "hoe", without hesitation, a catch in the end.