Qinghai Lake scenic won the national advanced

recently, the National Tourism Administration announced the national civilized tourism advanced units, the results of the country, a total of 100 civilized tourism advanced units on the list, including 50 travel agencies, hotels and scenic spots of the 25. Selected scenic spots in the list, the Qinghai Lake scenic area has become the only selected tourist attractions in Qinghai.
the selection of activities carried out by the National Tourism Administration Organization, the selection of representative and exemplary civilization advanced unit in the national scope, to further promote the tourism industry cultural tourism work, play the exemplary role of advanced models, and effectively strengthen the tourism operators and tourism practitioners of civilization tourism enhance the sense of responsibility, citizen’s tourism culture.
it is understood that in recent years, the Qinghai Lake scenic area with 5A scenic spot to consolidate and improve the work, increase the civilization tourism promotion efforts, strengthen the constraints tourism behavior, actively establish a civilized tourist image, strengthen the service window scenic tourist center of the civil service standards and norms, improve the scenic area safety tips, care for the environment, civilized travel convention such marked signs improve tourists consciousness; increase the staff of rural tourism policy advocacy and training efforts, to guide the orderly participation of the masses of rural tourism development, create a civilized and orderly tourism around Qinghai Lake area environment; through the comprehensive environmental remediation work, scenic tourism market and the order of the supervision and management work.