Qinghai Province in the east of the province’s new channel grinding road grinding efforts to create

try not to dig the old materials, set up grass ditch, the optimal design of high embankment for bridge tunnel construction…… This is the reporter saw a July 31st interview is the construction of the highway to nianbotown town ditch zed two road scene scene.

with a total length of 51.31 km highway is the six run, Panshan centralized traffic poverty alleviation in poor areas contiguous (2011-2020) of the provincial highway planning, but also in eastern Qinghai city group "six vertical and six horizontal" foreign integrated transport channel "four vertical" Tianzhu – Ledu – Longhua highway part. Since the road from Qinghai, Gansu two provinces at the junction of the ditch, zed Mizoguchi, zed Dabanshan, Shou Le Zhen, nianbotown town end point to Ledu district. Along the cross in Beishan National Forest Geopark and Ledu Cang Jia gorge provincial Forest Park, a picturesque scenery, an exquisite scenery.

for the highway construction on the ecological damage to the environment to a minimum, the project owner Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau from the start at the beginning of the "optimization design to reduce the damage, improve service quality, improve the ecological recover" as a basic follow, and strive to build a green, environmental protection, ecological road.

according to the environmental protection bureau is responsible for the project office staff Li Jie introduced, in order to protect the scenic areas within the cumulative change line optimization of every tree and bush, up to 16.3 kilometers, less than the original design occupying 3.6 hectares of woodland, less felling trees more than 80 thousand trees, reduce protective drainage 25649 cubic meters, to reduce the total investment of about 20 million yuan.

at the same time, the basic road builders in the bar mill try not to dig the old and less deforestation, also the adoption of good scenic vegetation slope protection, and the new technology of thick spray base, three-dimensional network of vegetation, vegetation protection bag, so that after the completion of the highway and landscape coordination.

in the total length of 471 km of the Dabanshan No. 2 bridge construction site, with verdant trees echoed the sound of the shuttle car project. "Originally designed here is a high fill embankment, to minimize the damage to the scenic vegetation, we changed the design, along the road to build a bridge in the mountains to play a tunnel." Construction unit of Chongqing transportation (Group) tie Mill Road Project Manager Lan Fujun told reporters.

it is understood that the plan completed in 2018 with crushed highway, not only will become our province two green tourist highway demonstration window, and will build a new area in eastern Qinghai Province channel, thereby greatly changing the area along the face of poverty.