Simulated accident to carry out environmental emergency monitoring exercise

In order to improve the rapid response to environmental emergencies and environmental emergency monitoring capabilities, recently, the province launched the environmental emergency monitoring pull drill. Provincial Environmental Emergency Center, the provincial environmental monitoring center station, Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining environmental monitoring station sent a total of 45 people participated in the exercise.

this exercise with no scripts, no notice of the site of the incident and accident type simulation exercises in advance, closer to actual combat. Simulation exercises along the road near the River Dart somewhere, a tanker carrying chemicals accidents in road transportation of chemicals overturned, leaked from the damaged body parts, into the river, and the leak around the volatile, causing a certain degree of pollution of the typical environmental emergencies scenes on the river water quality and the surrounding air. The aim of this paper is to focus on the rapid response ability of emergency monitoring vehicles and the mastery of emergency monitoring procedures and equipment operation.