There will be 10 parking lots along Qinghai Lake

travel to Qinghai Lake, as well as the majority of tourists to travel, do not have to travel around the busy season for traffic congestion, parking inconvenience worry, there will be 10 parking lots along the Qinghai Lake. In May 20th, reporters from the Provincial Department of transportation planning department was informed that, at present 10 parking lot along Qinghai Lake is stepping up construction, is expected by the end of June will be completed and put into use, then, traffic order around the Qinghai Lake scenic area will be improved.

It is reported that

, every tourist season, known as the "dream sapphire" Qinghai Lake scenic area will be the influx from all over the country since a large number of tourists traveling by car fleet and the province, which led to the Qinghai Lake scenic spots around the road traffic surge, traffic jams become commonplace. For the road in the area surrounding the visitors parking at Qinghai Lake scenic tourist season to take pictures, to solve the problem of traffic congestion, many on-site investigation the provincial transportation department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau staff, the Department of transportation plans to build 10 parking lot in the scenic spots along the Qinghai Lake. The 10 parking lot location respectively: West Lake K16+400 parking lot, West Lake 9 km, 0 km road parking lot around the parking lot, parking lot, G109 line K2107+100 G109 line K2099+800, G109 line K2096+850 meters parking lot parking lot, parking lot, G109 line K2091+450-700 G109 line K2088+500, G109 line K2086+500 parking lot parking lot, K22+900 km Lake Road parking lot. The parking lot total construction area of 23000 square meters, including 5 large and 5 small parking lot parking lot, large parking lot area reached 3000 square meters, a small parking lot area has reached 1000 square meters, the parking lot will be built to meet thousands of vehicles parked on demand.

According to the

site construction project office responsible person, at present 7 parking lot has been basically completed the paving project, in a fix is put into use a principle, is expected this month at the end of 7 a parking lot can be put to use, and the remaining 3 have been completed land acquisition, is expected by the end of June will be put into use.