Railway Station comprehensive renovation project

Since the founding of new China, Xining and the largest investment in the overall project, the comprehensive transformation of the Xining Railway Station concern. April 9th, Chengdong District, the district government held a media briefing, to the central green and the wall of the media informed the progress of the project of the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project. After a year of hard work, later this month, the project will be completed 1 million 937 thousand and 800 square meters of land, to ensure that the next second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway equipment successfully debugging and commissioning.It is reported that

, the comprehensive transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related projects in eastern China were building renovation and depot renovation project, engineering, vehicle engineering, Xining bus depot truck outside winding engineering, vehicle engineering, engineering, machine level crossing modified highway project, apply the EMU and eight supporting projects, involving the area Fu Zhai, rhyme ieguchi, Hamlet, village, Wangjiazhuang, Chu Jia Ying, Lu Jia Zhuang, Linjiaya 8 villages, 5700 households, 26 enterprises and institutions, 400 commercial shop. As of April 9th, has completed 99.6% of the total demolition, demolition work into the overall closure phase.

Xining Railway Station after the transformation, will become the hub of the west, the architectural style of the local characteristics. The project will take recreation through the construction of traffic flow distributing area and the Huangshui River waterfront landscape Rest Area, core business service area, meet the passenger flow, stay, aggregation, shopping, rest, watch the demand, at the same time to set up the symbol of the city, reflect the "west gate" "Road starting point" and other characteristics, to meet the requirements of the city portal. Next, the East District will fully implement the relevant projects to promote the Xining Railway Station, to promote the area around the railway station, halal Industrial Park, Cao and other areas of regional transformation, so that Xining’s East Gate more attractive. (author: Zhou Jianping)