Shen Hongxing Secretary of the provincial Party committee of Xining County Youth League work

Communist Youth League Secretary of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, comrade Shen Hongxing went to Xining Datong County research, a comprehensive understanding of the work of the County Communist Youth LeagueShen Hongxing, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Qinghai Province, Xining Province, went to Datong County,, a comprehensive understanding of the work of the County Youth league.

during the study period, Datong County delegation around strengthening the work, enhance the county League County Communist Youth League Youth Work Service Ability and level as the theme, focus on rural (community), the construction of grassroots organizations in non-public economic organizations to build infrastructure, service of rural youth employment and entrepreneurship, young farmers practical technical training, young volunteers, youth culture, construction in rural areas to promote the project hope and a report on the work of the Communist Youth League; Doreen town Datong County town rural Doreen combined 2011 (community) branch unified general work, strengthen the construction of rural youth, rural left behind children and the Communist Youth League caring content introduced to carry out the work; Datong County Deputy Secretary Han Ruihua comrade of the party building work in Datong County and the Communist Youth League building work training, group cadres and young cadres Organization of the county Party committee and county government.

in the survey, comrade Shen Hongxing attended the Datong County young farmers practical technical training courses, training class curriculum, training objectives, training methods and training young people in the exchange of views, to encourage young people to cherish the training opportunities, learn meditation, learn to harvest. In the forest town of Liangjia Village, comrade Shen Hongxing, a detailed understanding of the village group branch of the general situation, put forward specific requirements after the general League Branch Village, village level organizations around the guide led the rural youth to get rich, rich amateur cultural life of Rural Youth League work well. According to the characteristics of Liangjia Village youth workers in construction, engineering machinery and other industries, for group County, township League seriously study the related work of young migrant workers set up industry associations in the relative concentration of the young workers in the industry, to strengthen guidance and effective service industry workers of rural youth groups. The young workers of Comrade Shen Hongxing cordial conversation with the village, a detailed understanding of their existing workers and family status, income status and migrant workers in difficulties, to encourage the rural youth to enhance learning, strengthen exchanges and strengthen cooperation in the workers, in their industrious rich and learn to drive around more, increase the income of youth to improve the life requirements of the Xining Municipal Corporation, group Datong county Party committee responsible comrades to further expand the services of migrant workers in the Communist Youth League work, rich young migrant workers amateur life, effective cohesion and organization of rural youth.

in the Datong Municipal Committee, party secretary accompanied by Comrade Yan Shujiang, comrade Shen Hongxing visited the Xining city rural youth rich leaders, Xining outstanding young entrepreneurs Li Quanren, the founder of the view of the five feng Datong County agricultural company, understand the business situation, the further development of the company, encouraged him to continue to give full play to the demonstration the role of outstanding young entrepreneurs, leading to more rural youth employment through entrepreneurship. Subsequently, in Datong County, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Bilingual Kindergarten and Datong Yang Jun Mountain Resort Co., Ltd. non-public enterprise group organization and construction of green;