Windy days Datong County construction dust will be controlled

recently, as the weather gets warmer, many construction units began construction operations, causing part of the dust pollution. In view of this situation, the relevant industry supervision department joint County Datong County Housing Construction Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, environmental protection bureau, traffic bureau to take measures to further strengthen the housing demolition, earthmoving, construction site supervision and management.

according to the supervision and management regulations, in the windy weather, regulatory departments to increase the construction unit inspection and inspection work, supervise the construction units to implement material, bare ground cover and sprinkler measures of dust prevention and control measures are not implemented corresponding measures or not up to standard requirements will be shut down for rectification. A vehicle checkpoint in Ning Zhang highway, do the inspection work on the vehicle transport muck windy weather, in windy conditions the sediment transport vehicles to take persuasion, forbidding measures. Under the windy weather, all abandoned soil sites in the county are not allowed to dump the waste soil. The abandoned soil field shall be equipped with the measures of compaction, sprinkling and covering. At the same time, the regulatory authorities to increase the prevention and control of solid waste landfill windy weather.