Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources to protect the construction land to adhere to the red

prominent contradictions against the grim situation facing the field of land resources and land and resources department, City Land Bureau in the in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities, closely combined with the problems of our city resources has basically been depleted, further increase the intensity of work to crack problems.

Director of the Bureau of party secretary,

Bao Weizhen said, these problems by conventional means, rely on, follow the prescribed order stereotypes can not be solved effectively. In the next period, the city’s rapid industrialization and urbanization of land resources demand will continue to grow, the new situation and new tasks very conspicuous contradiction between supply and demand, we need to study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, based on the reality of our city to study and practice activities as to promote land resource management and booster multiplier, with Scientific Outlook on Development to guide thinking, to guide practice and promote the work, establish the promoting mechanism and the system worked well, saving and intensive land to achieve incremental stock land utilization; take incentive measures to minimize the illegal phenomenon, put the tube tube well, let go of the tube. To focus on improving macroeconomic regulation and protection of land for construction, promote the conservation and intensive, adhere to the red land, standardize management of mineral resources, safeguard the interests of the masses, strengthening public service, improve the land resource planning, management, protection and utilization. (author: Shi Fei)