Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters to win the fight against flood and drought

7 month 28 days, in the province into the "seven eight" key flood control stage, flood control and drought relief headquarters held a flood control and production safety work to promote the video, flood control and drought relief departments at all levels and its member units should conscientiously implement the leadership of the Central Committee, the provincial government for the current flood prevention work instructions instructions. To the party and the people highly responsible attitude, work together, hard work, determined to win the flood prevention and safety production of the two games.

meeting the requirements across the province to reinforce the flood control layer pressing responsibility, step by step to implement the responsibility system of supervision, conduction pressure, reinforce the responsibility to ensure that the disaster prevention measures in place; to strengthen the monitoring and warning, improve the prediction scheme, give full play to the role of mountain flood monitoring and warning system, risk and disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief to win time and initiative for the mass transfer; to fully implement the safety measures to prevent overtopping and dam danger occurred; to ensure the safety of people’s lives. After the occurrence of danger, should be based on the early grab grab, to ensure that the threatened areas people and rescue personnel safety, protect the basic livelihood of the affected people demand and social stability in the disaster stricken areas; to gather up a powerful force of flood control, the flood control as the center and the priority among priorities, at all levels to strengthen and to members of the unit to strengthen communication, coordination, and down through the cooperative sector, military linkage, mass prevention and control of flood control and flood disaster relief work mechanism; to plan the construction of water conservancy work after disaster early, early research to develop Flood flood disaster after the water conservancy construction work program, accelerate project landing, improve disaster prevention and mitigation capacity.

it is understood that since mid July, the province more than a wide range of heavy rainfall, and two days of Guinan County, more than 100 mm of rainfall, were the highest in the history of the maximum daily precipitation extreme, local flood, heavy damage.