Xining fire to carry out large scale fire fighting and rescue drills

November 3rd, Xining city fire brigade in the north of the City Taihe building held a large fire rescue drills, boost 119 fire Awareness Month activities continue to heat up.

exercise at 3 on the official start of 15. The fire that Taihe entertainment club fire building bapima for electric circuit, the fire quickly spread to the southeast, set 2 residential building exterior wall thermal insulation layer to the 11 layer, trapped an unknown number, the situation is very critical. Xining 119 command center after receiving the alarm, immediately launched a major disaster emergency rescue plan, mobilization of 8 squadron duty, fire engines, 100 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene.

staff arrived at the scene, according to the disaster site command set issued the combat command, and ordered the organization to carry out investigation, warning, evacuation, smoke, attack. The use of satellite communications support group and 3G image transmission equipment display upload scene of the fire situation from many angles to the headquarters, the headquarters for real-time control of the situation; investigation of fire safety alert group moment risk factors, the implementation of security rescue measures, strengthen on-site safety management; technical expert group decision play a commanding role, to ensure the fire-fighting and rescue command science efficient, safe and reliable operation; fire investigation group occupied the fire control room, start the automatic fire and smoke prevention and exhaust system, the monitoring of the fire, master was trapped and fire spread situation, to provide a reliable basis for decision making of essential means. 6 fire fighting, rescue teams to wear protective equipment, carry equipment, instruments alternate cover, in-depth search and rescue personnel in distress. At the same time, the use of indoor fire hydrant system and internal fire control facilities to control the spread of fire. Car exhaust smoke spread in a layer of export drop poison; 3 battle fire truck in the inside of the building and setting blocking cover positions, with the internal key; combat service support group supply car field filling air respirator of combat equipment consumption, repair the scene on standby, to ensure that the first time to repair all kinds of equipment. (author: Li Chunfei dragon fly)