n June the city opened 70 online police station

alarm services, for the two generation ID card, temporary residence permits, query documents handling…… Life of these large and small things, in the future only need to click the mouse at home, you can easily handle online. Since June 1st, the city will be officially opened in Xining City Public Security Bureau registration service network and 70 online police station and 7 police community, rural areas, schools, hospital room.

May 29th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, in order to be more efficient and convenient service for the masses, for the masses to understand the relevant provisions of the household registration requirements apply, since this year the city public security organs innovative service concept, the household service network and 70 online police station built on the Internet, the relevant provisions, the conditions for acceptance, household management methods, procedures, methods, fees and time to fill in the form, the required certificate issued by the requirements of the public, to facilitate the masses inquiry, but also through the Internet directly download the relevant forms, procedures, procedures. Some police station has also established a QQ service platform, the masses can face to face consultation with the police exchange. Citizens in the field or inconvenience to the police station for processing photos can be uploaded, the police and the population information system in the population information and the original photos and upload photos can be checked after the same agent mail. People in the Internet search, Xining City Public Security Bureau public service network can log on to any police station page. Do not need to go to the police station to understand the requirements of the project through the network.

online police station will show the majority of Internet users to the police style, fully embodies the core values of the people’s police. The policies and regulations, notice, police public Huzhengguanli column public policy, police law enforcement handling procedures, procedures, time limit, household registration fees, to accept supervision by the masses. Full implementation of the convenient police network services, to provide online consulting solutions to the masses, online processing and other convenience services. By notice announcement, police tips, police intelligence release, work guide, form download, online processing ID fast channel, lost and found columns provide convenient services for the masses. In addition, the use of the advantages of the network, increase online reporting, online surveys, online quiz interactive forum for the masses to participate in the fight against criminal activities to provide information channels to serve the public security work. Washington (reporter Wang Xiaofang)