Huangzhong will hold the suyouhua Cultural Tourism Festival

in order to enhance the cultural taste of Kumbum Monastery, to attract more visitors, showing the Kumbum Monastery mining and rich tourism resources, Huangzhong county will be the city’s "three section" cultural activities as an opportunity to host the 2013 Kumbum Monastery suyouhua Cultural Tourism Festival, Huangzhong has to show the local characteristics of folk culture and non-material cultural heritage, carry out a series of religious culture, folk culture and the development of cultural industry exhibition.

it is understood that during the cultural tourism festival, the county will hold the "eight petal lotus" Cultural Tourism Technology Exhibition, Huangzhong "eight rhyme culture" activities, street beautification and traditional Huangzhong Shehuo performances and other activities. The "eight petal lotus" Cultural Tourism Technology Exhibition will be combined with the second "eight petal lotus" contest, collecting the eight lotus cultural tourism "technology products more than 500 pieces, holding cultural tourism commodity exhibition and contest awards ceremony. At the same time, the cultural activities will be organized in the cultural square and the main street of the county, which is the main content of the cultural activities of Huangzhong eight rhymes. In order to fully display the rich county of Hehuang folk art, tourism festival will be held in the county and dance performances, Qu Yun song and song rhyme performances, drum performances, and flowers excellent performances, the non display shows Shehuo intangible cultural heritage and other activities. (author: Ge Wenrong)