Audit department audit results show that Xining 18 million donations have been allocated to the disa

according to the Audit Bureau on 2008 before the release of the section 01 of the audit results announcement shows that since May 12th, after the Wenchuan earthquake, to September 25th, the Civil Affairs Department of Xining city and three counties and four districts, the Red Cross, and other charitable organizations received a total of 17 million 946 thousand and 300 yuan from the public, have been allocated in earthquake stricken areas.

May 12th, Sichuan, a major earthquake disaster in Wenchuan. After the disaster, the whole nation of the cadres and the masses, Our wills unite like a fortress., I spontaneously organized for the donation donation. As of September 25th, the city and the four districts of the Civil Affairs Department of the county, the Red Cross, charitable organizations, such as a total of 17 million 946 thousand and 300 yuan to receive donations from the community of $three. To ensure that all donated relief funds and materials for disaster relief, the provincial audit department issued "on the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake relief funds and materials to track audit notice", the main leaders of our city also made specific instructions, the audit bureau of the rapid deployment of the backbone of the business special audit group, divided into six stages of work overtime of relief funds and materials donated. The tracking audit. Audit results show that nearly 18 million yuan of donations have been fully allocated to the earthquake stricken area, no crowding, interception and misappropriation.