Eastern 240 million will be the people of the 18 practical things

In January 28th, the author from the East District of NPC and CPPCC was informed that this year, the district will continue to adhere to the project for the tangible things as an important measure of people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, centralized financial 240 million yuan, completed 5 categories of 18 people look forward to the practical work, good, make the area people of all nationalities share the fruits of reform and development.

the area of this project for the tangible things include: ecological forestry class 1, a total investment of 7 million yuan plan implementation of the North South Mountain 2087 acres of afforestation project. Urban construction 5, a total investment of 35 million 50 thousand yuan. Will complete the rhyme ieguchi resettlement area road construction completed; Huang Zhong Lu, xiadou street pavement isolation installation; complete the area part of the old buildings renovation; complete blocks greening and beautification, lighting projects; complete village road hardening project. Environmental management class 3, plans a total investment of 18 million 400 thousand yuan. The complete coal gas project, construction, information monitoring platform of 3 urban garbage transfer station construction project, allotted 15 environmentally friendly vehicles electric garbage truck. 2 types of education and culture, with a total investment of $105 million 100 thousand. The completion of the Kang Nan primary school, the rich and powerful Lane Primary School and the north side of the street elementary school expansion project for the region’s primary free textbooks, books and necessary equipment for kindergarten. Social livelihood class 7, a total investment of 74 million 200 thousand yuan. Will build a city cultural stage, construction technology style places, carry out cultural activities Huimin; update the legal publicity and education, with legal books; complete the construction area comprehensive service center for the area; 60 years old city residents object, rural five objects, the implementation of key special government purchase pension service; community garden, Dongxing and the completion of the Qinghai Tibet the neighborhood office service room construction; complete the construction of the district government administrative service center; a new university business incubator park; for the elderly aged 65 and above the area and all the sanitation workers for free medical examination.