A city of West District act tough and talk soft sprint

at present, the city of the country has entered the trial sprint sprint. The West District of Xining City, in addition to the infrastructure, appearance and environmental remediation, volunteer service, purify the environment of minors and other key work, will also improve the "creative city" supervision system, increase accountability efforts to act tough and talk soft ". This is August 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining city district government held the west to create a national civilized city mobilization meeting on the.

will do a good job in the west area of a city infrastructure management work at the same time, expanding volunteer service activities, carry out extensive volunteer service activities with "social care, care for nature, care for others" as the theme, to carry out normalization of the main road, an important node of civilization volunteer activities. In August 12th, West District Office staff will set up a team of volunteers, go to the city an important area, important locations to carry out civilized persuasion, environmental remediation and other volunteer activities, and guide the public civilized travel, abide by social conventions. The organization will carry out the window of the industry civilization volunteer action, to play the role of standardized services, quality services, brand services radiation demonstration effect, to provide convenience for the masses.

at present, the west part of the Internet cafes there are irregularities to accept minors online phenomenon. In view of this phenomenon, West District will develop special rectification program of Internet cafes, increase handling efforts to increase the Internet according to law, inspection efforts to ensure weekly two inspections of Internet cafes, Internet cafes focus once every two days, closing, clean up irregularities, illegal operation of Internet cafes, and the establishment of the daily supervision and inspection system, on-site inspection record system Internet cafes, the frequency of routine inspections minimum standard system, Internet cafes illegal business case handling publicity system and Internet meeting system. To ensure a city work carried out, the West District Office, government office, commission for Discipline Inspection and the organization department will strengthen follow-up inspection, inspectors found buck passing, sluggishness, problems of departments and units to timely informed criticism and rectification, the rectification work carried out ineffective, responsible person will investigate the effectiveness is not obvious responsibility, will not be tolerated. (author: Wu Yachun)