District Cultural Center for Chinese cultural heritage day

June 9th is China’s seventh intangible cultural heritage day, the district cultural center in Chaoyang Square held a "north of the city of the 2012 intangible cultural heritage day opera performance". Two from the town of the three office of the folk art team together to show the north wind wind, so that the audience appreciate the charm of traditional folk art.
the festival features: first, "the veteran" second line. In order to encourage students, towns do the field of "elite" stage in the festival in less, provides an opportunity to show their talent on stage is usually less opportunity for opera lovers. Second, the judges are all their own people. In order to cultivate North quyi judged their own team, the festival served as judges work personnel, all is north of the folk art community DeYiShuangXin artists. Third, only collective award. In order to strengthen the folk team team consciousness, the festival only team award, no personal award.
in addition to the festival before to show ninety percent off shadow play. North shadow show had a glorious past. Now on the verge of disappearing. In order to save the art of non heritage, district cultural center to set up a shadow team, and for the first time in the non heritage day debut.
North paper-cut, embroidery art in "Heritage Day" to show the audience, a piece of exquisite works to attract people to watch the feet.