Bless you my motherland

  flowers Zhengyan, flag. National Day day, our province Hehuang, on both sides of the Gobi desert, snow grasslands of the urban and rural residents in different ways to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, plateau earth everywhere showing a happy and peaceful festive scene.

in the city of Xining Road West Main Street, victory road, covered with bright flag shops on both sides of the door, with each other the glorious flowers, forming a beautiful landscape in the urban park square; and wall street greenbelt, various other flower pot flower, landscape features, landscape sketch the beautiful colorful, brilliant purples and reds.

"singing our dear motherland, from now on to prosperity……" In October 1st 8 in the morning, the center of Xining flowers blooming like a piece of brocade flags fluttering on the square, a "five-star red flag fluttering in the wind" has attracted more and more people sing. Temporary choir sing the national anthem, the bright flag slowly rising, in the rising sun under the wind. Subsequently, the choir emotion to sing the song "Ode to the motherland", the singing of the song and the heart of the festival square.

this song did not fall, there happy twist up yangko dance with song and dance, with the blessing of the motherland Happy birthday, the smile on their face, the joy of hanging on their brow.

in the park, glittering artificial lake cruise on the leisurely across, the people on the ships Dangqishuangjiang merrymaking; tourists in knots shore or the flowers under the willow tree, in the photo, or in the Tingxia point a drink a cup, enjoyable; entertainment facilities by adults with children, bumper cars a roller coaster, bungee jumping, laughter can be heard without end……

Plateau Pearl Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Xining, is also the best view of Xining. On the afternoon of October 1st, Li Changyuan and his family from Chengdu came to the tower to see the panorama of Xining. Looking at the skyscrapers, tree lined plateau city had been working in Qinghai, Li Changyuan can not help feeling: "travel to the field, always admire people edifice and city of green plants, now in Xining, a beautiful high-rise building innumerable, this year Xining will become a modern metropolis. It is never dreamed of!" Zhao Guoqing, pointing to the distance of the people of the north, said excitedly: "when I was a child to see the mountain is almost bare loess hill, you see now, year after year green. One night, lantern against the background of the north pole is particularly charming."

"guests from afar please stay……" National Day holiday not only let the city people are full of joy, filled with happy, also let Hehuang farmers enjoy a different kind of joy in this holiday.

barley wine with you, O Tu Gu welcome, welcome to the corditions cheerful "wheels," turn up……" In October 1st, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County town of Weiyuan Zhuang Tu folk village, hospitable farmhouse owner Wang Xiao Zhuang Guolong end welcome guests from afar come Yinlong bowl.