North of the city to create community brand highlights the characteristics of Party Building

is to achieve the "four one" as the goal, and constantly establish and improve the community system, strengthen community cadres, Party members and party workers, community workers and volunteers team construction, improve community infrastructure. Through for a higher level of investment, District matching and street community financing, has financed more than 1610 yuan, the implementation of the centralized organization for standardization transformation 11 community Mao Sheng Si community, new bridge community, Beichuan East Road community, to enhance the level of community infrastructure. In strict accordance with the implementation of community cadres remuneration is not less than 1.5 times the minimum wage standards in the region to achieve an average of $1350 per month for community cadres. Implementation of the work of the funds, the community to operate the funds for 60 thousand yuan per community, compared with 2011, an increase of $40 thousand per community of $20 thousand. At present, 23 communities have reached the "four one" community construction standards.