Pollution provincial police play a combination of punches

began in late September, for excessive emissions of motor vehicles and waste vehicles such as dust pollution sources, Xining city traffic police department to take a series of effective measures to comprehensively deal with motor vehicle pollution. Through 20 days of comprehensive management, the provincial capital of pollution control has achieved initial results.

check: 60 traffic police day and night to check the contaminated car

with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, motor vehicle pollution has gradually increased." In October 17th, Xining city traffic police detachment commissar Wang Wei talked about the pollution control work, "air pollution sources including sewage, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust emissions exceed the standard and muck cars, construction site dust, which is related to motor vehicle pollution control more places, so we present the control of air pollution as a key task!"

Wang Wei said, in order to ensure the vehicle pollution control work to achieve tangible results, Xining city traffic police detachment specially formulated the "air pollution comprehensive management of muck car check control plan" "atmospheric pollution prevention and control of the regional comprehensive management of key roads surrounding the implementation of the limit line work plan" "carried out the clean-up work scrap vehicle implementation plan" and a series of programs and, from the 60 Traffic Police Brigade deployed, in rhyme ieguchi, Sanmao factory, Minhe Road, Nanshan Road extension, Nanchuan Road, new south highway entrance, Peng Zhai, Qaidam Road, Beichuan Ning Road, biological park set up a total of 10 check points, combined with environmental protection, urban management and other departments to take. Set up check control, road inspections, in-depth construction site Mopai etc., to the full inventory of scrap cars, muck cars, yellow cars".

on the 17 day morning, the reporter saw at several checkpoints, traffic police and other law enforcement officers in the past focus on motor vehicles one by one investigation, carefully check the vehicle exhaust inspection marks, to eliminate all kinds of emissions exceed the standard, "black smoke" car into the city, especially the muck car is will check every car, and overload, overspeed, license incomplete in violation of the provisions of the forbidden line, block the plate defaced and driving spilled in the flying behavior, and set up a reward system, to mobilize people to report all kinds of motor vehicle pollution phenomenon.

blocking: raise the threshold blocking yellow car

reporter learned through interviews, before the implementation of Xining city registered in the motor vehicle emission standards (GB 3), resulting in some of the provinces transferred to the Xining motor vehicle emissions exceed the standard, the atmospheric pollution in Xining has become one of the "killer".

to strengthen the motor vehicle pollution control from the source, Xining city vehicle administration according to government requirements, from October 1st onwards, in the process of vehicle registration work, will be the implementation of national automobile emission standards of the fourth stage (IV), transferred to the Xining area for motor vehicles failed to meet the national IV standard and has over 3 years of registration taxis, passenger transport and non operating passenger car operation, registration is full of other types of vehicles of various types of trucks and registered 4 years of full 5 years, stop all formalities for the transfer of registration.

while using motor vehicle network management platform, focusing on inventory of more than 9;