Plateau landscape characteristics of urban and rural landscape will enter the field of expert attent

China City Planning Institute branch "scenic rural scenic environment characteristics of Plateau", held the reputation of Huangyuan city known as Dan Gar county. Experts and scholars, engineers from the China Planning Association landscape branch, have written that the multi angle, multi layer to explore the plateau scenery. China Planning Institute to make such a meaningful meeting held in Qinghai, marking the plateau scenery has entered the field of attention of everyone.

provincial housing department inspector Li Qun said, people pay little attention to the plateau rural scenic environment characteristics, the conference held in Qinghai is a sign that the plateau characteristics have been the discussion topic, Qinghai plateau has served as an important research area characteristic plateau rural scenic environment.

The natural landscape of the

plateau is characterized by scarcity, uniqueness, variety and magic. At the same time, the environment of urban and rural development has distinct local and national characteristics, which is different from that of low altitude areas. The plateau environment is a kind of special geographical and climatic conditions of the natural scenery and cultural landscape of the comprehensive discussion of the characteristics of urban and rural landscape environment has important scientific significance. The mountain, water, landscape magic, long history of Qinghai, has aroused widespread interest of the participants.

Li Qun pointed out in his speech, the United States and Qinghai, this is not a gorgeous slogan. Go up the plateau, you can feel it close, and feel it. Although the development of Qinghai in the country is relatively lagging behind, but the beautiful plateau urban and rural landscape environment is a precious and rare resources.