Community micro wish to achieve great aspirations

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city zone to the grid for the unit, the 232 party and has to report the reasonable distribution of the working party to the region’s 321 communities in the grid, through various forms, a variety of carriers, and carry out the "bundling" working party members into the community activities. Bright identity, do "show" community work. Carry out the "working party report focused on week" activities, guide the working party to residence community organizations to register and claim the post, fill in the "basic" and "working party registration card to card" working party report back to the community, and through the "pioneer", "Red List" form, let the working party liangmingshenfen in area. Brand, do "live" community work. Create a "savings services, targeted services, volunteer services," as the main content of the service brand, with a variety of forms of activities to stimulate the vitality of serving party members. New forms of "real" community activities. By setting up the "wish tree", "love wall", the formation of "colorful volunteer service team", "Ten Star volunteer service team" and other activities of the carrier, innovative service members in the form of community service. As of now, the region received a total of 8366 working party members, organized volunteer service teams 228, collected by micro aspiration 1772, completed in 1322, the implementation of 230 thousand yuan relief fund, initially formed a good situation of the working party "work in the unit, activities in the community, dedicated more than post".