Economist John Henry

"The market is an invisible hand, the resources can be allocated to the place where it is most needed……" In July 10th, the famous economist Mao Yushi appeared in Xining, had an economic class to open up a fresh outlook more than 200 entrepreneurs.

who are 86 years old this year, is China’s famous economist, April 2014 in the UK PROSPECT magazine "the world’s top thinkers list of 50 candidates, this year is the only selected list of candidates Chinese, and won the honorable title of Fourth World thinkers. The author of "principle", "life in economics", "who", "has prevented us from getting rich to the person you love with freedom", "Chinese moral outlook", "an economist’s conscience and thinking" and a series of books, high attainments in economics.

should be the Mao Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce invited for the province more than 200 entrepreneurs say a entitled "on the market in the allocation of resources" economic talks, from Chinese needs much food to the market in the allocation of resources to achieve "best use, best use." Mao Yushi with one specific case, data and charts, explaining to all entrepreneurs tell their own economic views.